I heard something recently, that I hate to admit……made me feel glad…There was a group that were pretty horrible to me and I ended up taking myself out of it. I didn’t like how I was treated, I didn’t like how others were treated. It is a kind of a group where there’s one rule for one, a completely different rule for another and an entirely different rule for another.

I feel terrible for being even a little bit happy about it, but I couldn’t help it. They are just very toxic people and they have made life hell for a lot of people and not even for any actual good reason as to why. At the same time I was hearing this new, this particular song came on and it felt very appropriate:

*Now I will warn you, this one of my favourite Drag Queens and it can be a quiet crude video, especially¬†if you are not familiar with her work…You can watch all of Alaska’s YouTube videos here¬†If you are interested*