What would you do?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little post about George Pell. A now dead…Archbishop? Who protected pedophiles within his Churches.

No state is having a state funeral, but NSW is having like a general cemetery. Which too me is fine. I have no respect or love for the man, but you know…big figure…dead.

The police though, have been in a legal battle with people who want to protest at his funeral. Which I am fine also with. I think people should be able to protest at his funeral.

That “man” harmed and help to harm children. I have a saying “If you want to be respected in death, be respectful in life. On some level I understand the police’s wariness. It will be a really emotional place to be. Let’s be honest here though. If the “people” attending his funeral didn’t want protestors, why didn’t they hold him to accountability?

I am sure that I don’t speak for all child abuse survivors. But a little accountability, would have a gone long way.

What do you think?

It also explains why none of the states wanted to do a state funeral. This is honestly the first time I think I’ve heard of people wanting to protest at a funeral.



One day the Right will understand what Democracy and what an Opinion is.

I was “inspired” to write this post and having a “conversation” with a right winger, about how disrespectful and how hateful a potential Republican candidate was being towards the entire LGBTQIA community. They kept going on and on and on and on about how “we’re in a Democracy” after all.

As I had to explain to him “No you’re not in a Democracy. I don’t respect you or her (the candidate), but unlike you both I am not advocating for your arrest, based on a “opinion” either”. That’s what she was doing. And that is not Democracy. While also obviously complaining about how God made you a certain “way”, so you should love yourself that way. While having an obvious lot of work done, on themselves.

You literally don’t have to like anyone on this planet, but calling for other’s arrests. Using a hateful ‘opinion’ to demean others, to try and bring down groups of other HUMAN BEINGS down. That’s not Democracy. That’s tyranny.



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Greek History


  1. cruel and oppressive government or rule. “refugees fleeing tyranny and oppression” Similar: despotism absolutism absolute power autocracy dictatorship undemocratic rule reign of terror totalitarianism
    • a state under cruel and oppressive government.
    • cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. “the tyranny of her stepmother”



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  1. a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. “a system of parliamentary democracy” Similar:representative government elective government constitutional government popular government self-government government by the people autonomy republic commonwealth
    • a state governed under a system of democracy. plural noun: democracies “a multiparty democracy”
    • control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. “the intended extension of industrial democracy”

Also, well done to Minneapolis–Saint Paul Twin Cities for democratically protesting Dave Chapelle’s bigoted ass out of there! You are NOT extremists. You are doing everything, as an American, you are ENTITLED too do. Also fuck you Dave Chapelle.

My Generation

I was just thinking over the last couple of days, I don’t think that many from my generation 40 and below, have ever really had to protest before. I think of the protests that we’ve had over the years, I wonder if part of the reason why they don’t seem so effective is because we just don’t know how to.

Then again, I also think we live in a different state of the world. The last “great” protest I’m thinking of, are those against the Vietnam War, but then again, a lot of them protested against the soldiers, just doing their jobs and not necessarily the war themselves.

Before that was maybe Martin Luther King Jr and that Civil Rights March. Which is probably the most “famous” of them all. However, I am sure for different people, there are “great” protests that I am not even aware of.

I can’t help but think, we protest these days, because stupid people and “deaf” politicians, just are not listening to the Science, the Health or Medical professionals. We’re not protesting, because of the Government being wrong. We protest because they wont listen. Protests are done to make people feel uncomfortable, which some do. At the vigil for Sarah Everard, there were quiet a few signs that said “TERFs’ not welcomed here”. The TERFs were not happy, lol.

There must be a in-between that my generation is just missing out on?

Like, if the stupid politicians, and the bigots have social media to echo themselves. They’re not going to listen to a protest. Even though most, if not all, the time. The “lefties” and the “liberal bleeding hearts” always out-number the bigots.

We are the generation that need to come up with a new way to protest. Show the numbers, march, but show them on social media too. Start “hitting” those bigots mid way through their echo. Sometimes protesting on social media does actually work. As an example, a lot of businesses these days will listen to the people saying they wont buy from their business, as their advertisements come up on, say, Fox News. There a few twitter accounts, dedicated to letting the general public know which advertisers are advertising where.

I have no idea where you’d start with that though!lol

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Never Satisified

After seeing the racism debacle that was after England lost to Italy. I realised something, mainly because of one tweet. I’m not going to post it, because it’s annoying as hell.

Pretty much, it was a white guy saying that “taking a knee” makes people feel uncomfortable, maybe if we could come up with a sign that everyone could agree with?

Fuck Off, lol

Mainly you are NEVER going to come up with anything that would make the opposition feel “comfortable”.

The point of any protest, is it to make people uncomfortable.

Taking a knee may be one of the most peaceful way I have ever been alive to witness.

If YOU feel uncomfortable watching someone take a knee, you SERIOUSLY, need to ask yourself why.

Do people just not understand what a protest is?


Has someone told the Trump supporters the differences between their “issue” and the whole George Floyd “issue”? I have seen so many Trump supporters with meme’s about the differences between how they protest and how democrats “protest”.

See here’s the difference. They were “protesting” because they couldn’t get their hair done, and their solution to not being able to meet up with their hairdressers, were to mock pro-choicers. Hang up effigies of state leaders. Storm federal buildings and stand outside building with guns. And cosplayer costumes.

The issue with George Floyd, is the continual murder of unarmed and innocent POC. By the people SUPPOSED to protect them aka the Police…and not the band.

I really HATE the new wordpress formatting. I’ve gone back to the classic view.


Guns = Peaceful now?

Do you all remember Colin Kapernick? He is a NFL player who knelt, instead of standing for the National Anthem. In a protest against racism…and probably, to be honest, against the racist that is Trump. Do you all remember what happened?

“Lock those sons of bitches up”.

“Lynch him”

Now, we have “The Walking Dumb” “peacefully protesting” with guns and trying to bang down doors…So peaceful. Where are the police? In every single one of these protests, I have to yet to see a single officer. Making sure those with guns, don’t actually use them. I have seen nurses and doctors trying to ban these people, more than officers.

Who do these people think they are? The militia against the virus? “The invisible enemy”. How can people take your guns away, if you’re in your house with your guns? You are more likely to get your gun taken away, brandishing it about like that…IF THEY WERE BLACK. Can you imagine BLM marches, just being allowed to do this? Can you imagine seeing NO officers around? The racism in America, is just becoming more and more blatant.

How on EARTH were they able to get THAT close?!



This is my problem with people who have a problem with people who “take the knee”…See my problem?


In case you don’t have a single social media account, which is entirely possible. You may or may not have missed the whole #taketheknee who-ha. If you did, here’s a bit of a break down:

There is an American Colin Kapernick football player, who takes the knee in a peaceful protest against the very obvious racism in American, nothing at all to do with military…That is until Donald Trump, a war dodger said that anyone who takes the knee should be arrested. Without speaking to a single person who does take the knee, he just decided it was against the military….The guy who dodged the war and has never spent a day fighting in his life, is suddenly an expert in War. Suddenly people had a problem, when just the weekend before when Kapernick did the EXACT same thing and I doubt any of these people even noticed.

Then all hell broke loose. people started using pictures of dead soldiers coffin…you know soilders who can’t speak for themselves, which is so respectful of course *insert sarcasm here*…The biggest irony I found that a lot of Vets supported Kapernick. A lot of them actually said…with their own words and mouths…They fought so that people could peacefully protest, Kapernick has never ONCE said anything against the military. They fought against their people to have the FREEDOM to not be under a Dictator. Yet, people are completely ignoring this!

This is where my ultimate problem comes in…

These exact same people who have a problem with Kapernick…Have NO problem with the white supremacist group. That only a couple of weeks beforehand had worn the swastika symbols on their the tops…The people are “fine people” and they have no problems with those people. These “fine people” wore a symbol that millions of people fought and died to get rid of. In Germany it is ILLEGAL to advertise that symbol. Where’s the outrage for the soldiers who died under that symbol, where are the pictures of the dead soldiers who actually fought the Nazis, the pictures of the people who died in the concentration camps. Where are the pictures of the concentration camps of people who died because of that symbol? Where is the outrage against the people who wore symbols that soldiers actually fought against, the whole reason that Kapernick can peacefully protest against the more than obvious racism problem in America.

These people NEED to ask themselves why it’s alright to turn their backs on people who are just wanting their fellow countrymen to be safe…But yet don’t make a single noise about the white supremacist who wore a symbol that is ILLEGAL in Germany, who the allies actually fought against.

You are free to turn your backs on the NRL players, just as we are free to call you out on it. Being Free doesn’t mean you are free ONLY if everyone agrees with you?

In a shot of complete coincidence, I was watching “Band of Brothers” probably the most depressingly awesome series ever. Not just on War, but just an incredible series. There is one episode, I’ve seen it about 15 times “This is why we fight” I know it’s coming, yet, I can’t stop the tears. I can never watch with other people, it’s devastating. As I watched that episode again today, I found this article as well. If you can’t understand why you should be outraged by those “fine people” after watching that episode and reading this article…I am just going to assume that you have no heart.

Band of Brothers: how it’s episode was also it’s most devastating. 


Come Together <3

I woke up this morning to see the (numbers appear to be different, but they are in the millions) French people peacefully walking against extremist (but I have to remember NOT to read the news articles on Facebook,lol) I find that it’s been a bit terrifying to read the news articles on Facebook, they are terrifying and I tend to end up getting really involved and getting into arguments.

To see though MILLIONS coming together to say “No” to extremists and terrorist is a wonderful site, even if there are people out there who just don’t get it. I think that a lot of them think that we should take up guns and kill everyone. Some of the more interesting comments that I’ve heard are:

“Christians have never killed anyone in the name of God”

“Why aren’t there any Muslims marching? Because they care more about than idol” I promptly pointed out that it might have something to do with everyone is saying “Kill all Muslims”.

Anyways, I do not want to concentrate on that. I think it shows something when in the last few months we have had some situations around the world where we as a societywe had a choice. We could give into the fear, or we can show those extremists that we wont be scared off or intimidated. I personally think it’s great to see that most people in this world thinks that we should show those people that we’re not going to take it, instead of becoming vigilantism ourselves!