How are you creative? WordPress Prompt

As I wrote yesterday, I will be writing more today about what I want for 2023. Uusally, I think that it’s our birthdays where we should be make new year resolutions. The last couple of birthdays though, have just really sucked for me. So now I will just be taking the “general route” of new years resolutions, on new years.

The prompt was “How are you creative?” That’s inspired me to write this post. I feel like, over the past year, I have lost my creative juices. I want to do achieve something next year, that will give me that “boost”. A wedding will certain test that. But I want to do more than just a “wedding”. Its a one day thing, and I want to set up a home.

Do you know what I mean?

I want upgrade the backyard and make it more bird friendly.

I want too redo my “website” and actually do something with it.

I want to write more, but take the time to do it well.

My god, after the dentist, Sydney, Christmas…I need to save money. I have nothing left in my savings.

On the random, I want to learn to draw. My mind if full of images.

Cook better and more healthier meals.

After more than likely failing at my Goodreads challenge this year. I am plan on focus on reading more. And making my Twitter account more BookTwitter

Not many of the things I want to do, have to do with a Wedding, lol. I want a small wedding, but I also want the party and the pretty dresses. I want to make my home, a home. At the moment I am thinking of making a lot of the wedding stuff myself. Make a little wedding box, with all the things I made. There are so many great ideas out there!


Restart 2018

Restart – The Daily Post – One Word Prompt

I have been doing a lot of thinking today and it’s been interesting. It was a huge coincidence that a lot of things I’ve been thinking about had to do with the one word prompt from the Daily Post – Restart.

I have not had the best start to 2018. In fact it’s been pretty terrible, my casual position with the Library was terminated…and no one told me.  I “lost” three best friends. I just recently discovered that one of my other “friends” from High School unfriended me as well, but kept my mother…Bizarre? (My mother unfriended her). The poor fool, none of the other girls like her. She keeps popping out babies (6 kids to four different dads) and the others HATE kids…Let alone the lack of respect of her and her children. My other casual job has given me less hours.

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However, while I’ve been frustrated…I’m perfectly fine…I haven’t cried once. I am in fact…feeling the best I’ve felt for a really long time.

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I know right?!lol

For everything that’s gone wrong…So much is going right! I’m now in talks right now to help volunteer at a writing club! I am completely scared out of my mind, but completely excited about it too…For every person that has “unfriended” me recently, I have gotten close to others. All the people that keep unfriending me, they have always been toxic to my life. Which mean that I am being left with those who really love me and care about me. Getting less hours, it’s been a kind of compliment as well, I am worth more than new workers, like literally…Because I’ve been working there longer, I get more per hour than they do…So it’s not a personal thing…I’m just worth way too much,lol…I have also become really social…I now have the skills to talk to strangers and make general chit-chat…Even two months ago, I would never have been able to do that. Having to see different people (doctors, hospitals etc) to talk about my health and my issues, it’s made me more upfront…This is it…This is me…

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So while I wish some things hadn’t happened, or had happened at different times…If wasn’t for those people, those moments…I wouldn’t be here now. I’m even getting WAY more views on my Blog that I was before…I’m not sure what happened there,lol

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My Kingdom

Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Mythical

It’s where I want too be,

I close my eyes and I am there,

Hidden behind the veil,

where no one else can see.


A place all just for me,

Where the Fairies play,

The Unicorns fly away,

Just over the rainbow, a place that is all mine.


I can see it all,

See it just a clearly as I can see you now,

The rivers are clear,

The birds sing and play.


The smell of biscuits and freshly mow grass,

Where the Gods and Goddesses harm no one,

Where Great minds gather around the Library to view their Akashic records.

Where they can spend all day learning, with not one single thing to interrupt them.


To some these glorious places are a Myth,

and that they can never be,

But to me, it’s just a real,

As you or Me.


So I completely and utterly stole this from Hot Shot Headlines, you should all go over and check them out! They have some posts about posts that can help you when you find yourself in a Writing or Blog book, and they have some amazing ideas under their “Writing Prompts” category. Since I am going through this right now, I am finding it such a great help!

I also thought that this would be an interesting way to help wake people up on another Monday morning. Something interesting to talking about over the water fountains…I have completely forgotten the expression!

Here are my…5 biggest confessions!

  • I have been struggling with a form of anxiety for the last month or so, something I have never had before. It makes me angry that my Doctor would not give me medication because apparently me not feeling like I’m going to die, isn’t good enough. So I’ve been taking natural medication and I got that from my Chemist. I’d prefer to visit the Chemist than my Doctor and I highly recommend people seeing their Chemist over their Doctor. Only my Mum, Gran and partner know what’s been going on with me as well.
  • There are some days I feel like I’m being “fake”. What I mean by that is I’m more laid back than others. Some things may annoy me, I have learnt how to handle my annoyance and anger better over the years. However, this isn’t always seen a good thing. Unless it’s something life/ physical/ mental/ safety/ spiritually violent or attacking with malice, I tend to be more “chilled”. I just feel it unnecessary to be nasty.
  • I feel sometimes I have lot more common sense that other people. I am not intellectually smart. I guess this relates to the above question really. Any time I’ve been attacked, when I haven’t done anything wrong, especially by people (mainly other girls) I’ve never even met before, this p&*sses me off no end and I have no respect for these people either. (This has happened to me twice, no joke, never met them). Neither do I respect the ones who stop being friends me, thinking it’ll impress the other person. It doesn’t hurt me, I just don’t respect it and find it unnecessary. If I make you feel insecure, that’s your issue not mine, so stop trying to destroy my life and well being.
  • There are some people, although I’ve forgiven them. I am still waiting for an apology. Probably will never happen though!
  • I have this horrible habit of if everyone else is doing it, I don’t want to do it. I’ve wanted to get back into dancing again recently, but everybody keeps telling me I should do it because another girl is doing it, which makes me not want to do it. So I’ve started doing it again, privately, in my own home. I hate myself for it, I want to be able to say loud and proud, that I’m doing it again, but I don’t want everyone saying that I’m copying. Even though I have actually been dancing for more than half my life. Not that that should matter.

Daily Post – Land of Confusion

Land of Confusion – Daily Prompt

My life IS a land of confusion, I rarely feel like I fit in, whatever I do never seems right. It’s never good enough. My mind is a constant land of confusion, whenever I think I’ve gotten it, I haven’t. Sometimes I used to feel really let down and out of it, and now, as I’ve gotten older, it’s mattering too me less and less. Sometimes I look at what is happening in the world and the prioritises and I think “Am I the only one who thinks this is lame?”

I always used to say that I was born in the wrong age, the wrong era, the wrong decade. I feel like this more and more each day.

And you’re gonna let it burn…

Burn Daily Post – One Word Prompt

I’m just going to go with this…

Let It Burn

Let those feelings burn,

Let them burn to a cinder,

till there is nothing but ash,

not even a light ember, threatening to burn you all over again.

Let them cool off,

Do nothing to relight the flame,

Grab tightly, let it burn,

Burn away.

Burn away all hopes,

Burn away all dreams,

Burn away all feelings,