Definitely some good news!

So after my post yesterday about posting about only good news, I read this … I am really proud of my country right now, like this seems such a huge step forward … I know that some make up out there already is animal cruelty free and also note that they’re not going to take the make up off of the shelf that are already there.

Cosmetics tested on animals to be banned in Australia!

Progress is always welcome though!


Conservation Work

As you would probably expect watching a live safari drive web live ( the conversation about conservation comes up. How much money it costs to run a conservation park, why can’t we all win the lottery. I hate that I have all these ideas and yet I don’t have the skills or the knowledge, or the backing to set something up. Especially when it comes to conservation work, I think animals deserve to be here more a lot more than we do.


  • One idea is to make plushies, mainly of endangered animals and each plushie that is purchased you give the money to conservation.
  • Making fantasy type jewellery with all of the African wildlife on it.