In my personal opinion (haha)

I probably turned off at least 100+ people with that title, lol

I was just doing some general thinking, as one does in the shower. This is what I think the problem is.

I see a lot of people SAY they don’t agree with what Rowling has said/done, but HP means a lot too them. They don’t like being yelled at, because HP means so much too them. Here’s the thing:

Some people are literally buying Harry Potter just to put money into her pocket, a billionaires pocket. So they can just “stuff you” to trans people and TRA’s. I have seen literal political people/leaders, buy a Harry Potter Lego set. So they can and I quote “hope this goes directly into your pockets”. So NOT spending a weekend of quality time with their children, literally spending money to put it into the pocket of ANOTHER bigoted billionaire.

So yeah, trans people and people like me get a little angry, when people purchase HP products.

It’s very easy to say you don’t agree with her. Here is my solution, that’s simple and easy, and I think would work well.

When you want to write about or show off a new, anything Harry Potter. Just put a simple hashtag at the bottom there. #transrightsarehumanrights. IF you do actually support trans people, no big deal, right?


The Root of the Problem

This is also another run off of yesterdays post “The enemy’s territory”.

There are a lot of things I don’t understand about the human race, and one thing in particular grates on me as I get older. There’s a person I am close too, who is an alcoholic, wont admit it, and that’s not even the problem with them. This person is a family member and I can completely understand the whole not admitting to being an alcoholic.

What I don’t get is the abuse, and never acknowledging it. Yet, at the same time. Being proud when they stand up to people they don’t like. This person refused to go to a family Christmas because their other twin sibling called them “fat”. But yet, they abuse the shit out of me, my brother and my Mum, but we STILL are required to show them respect and talk to them. If we don’t respond the way they want either, then we get abused like they’re the victims and they can’t seem to understand why we then don’t want talk to them after.

The most recent incident I said they’d have to wait one more day for me to get an answer about if someone can take me way out my way to meet up with them. Because the person who I had to ask to take me, was sick. I knew even in a good mood, they’d probably say no. I then apparently had 30 minutes to ask them and of course the only answer was going to be “no” So then the abuse started.

Over the years, I put up with it, but lately I’ve been growing extremely tired of it. I am not doing this the rest of my life. Every time it happens, I have to turn my phone off, but it gets ridiculous. This person demands respect, but gives none back. Unless they’re deleting their messages to us while they’re drunk…again…Then how can they NOT see it? They blame my Mum for their bad relationship with my brother and I. Yet, it’s not okay to call them fat? Then they’re going on a cruise with this person who called them fat, but we keep getting abused? They had to cancel what they wanted to do for their birthday to satisfy the person calling them fat…But do you think they abuse their family member…Nope, just the people who were going to offer to get them a room for the night.

How does someone justify this in their head?

The whole reason they keep having problems is because they keep being kind to the people who are horrible to them, but are nasty to the people who are kind to them? Maybe that’s their problem?


99 Problems…but you wont be one of them…

Sitting here with a great cup of coffee, getting ready for what should I post about next? Then realising I have not written about being single, I figure that I should =P For me any-ways, at the moment everything has been drama free and I have been loving the quiet and peace that comes along with not really having to answer to someone.

One interesting thing that I have found when you are single is how people will react to you about relationship matters. A lot of my friends wont even tell me that they’ve met someone else for fear or “upsetting” me. Some of my friends constantly complain about their relationships, making me feel really grateful that I don’t have to worry about any of that. Especially when most of them people complaining, don’t actually want to talk about their problems with their actual partner.

I never judge a relationship either by Facebook, its amazing what people will tell you when they’re drunk. So one of the best pieces of advice I can give about being single (or if you are having trouble watching an ex move on, on Facebook) … Chill … No one EVER posts about what a miserable time that they are having when it comes to their relationship on Facebook. Also staying away from Facebook all together and NOT stalking your ex’s Facebook is a good piece of advice, block them…Block them right now!

Even with the beginning of a new relationship, that can be full of such doubt for my friends. One of my girlfriends, the guy is clearly a player. Kissed her and then let her know he was seeing someone, so she thinks it can’t be that serious…but still I told her to stay away.

Nope…I am really enjoying being single, no problems and all drama free.


Published on 1 May 2014

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