So here’s what we’re going to do!

I don’t actually know really. I sat on the computer for most of yesterday, just going to myself “I need to do it, but what that is, I don’t know” and I was really tired. 8:30pm comes and still nothing, haha.

But here’s we are not going to do this year!

We are not going to just do nothing, even if not in the mood for blogging, Reading, cleaning and gardening all great alternatives!

I will sit down and write the list of people I have to invite to the wedding. I have to physically write a list, otherwise I’ll forget.

Gotta stream today. Get into a better habit.

We are not, not, going to write this year. We will write this year.

I will start eating better. I need to lose some weight, but not too far!


I’m not “that” woke

I recently read an article that was writing about “Animal Rebellions” (I think they’re called). They took a lot of milk, somewhere in England. They caused about 80,000 pounds in damage. As well as losing Farmer’s income.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Australia, and so we have a lot of Farmers who suffer, just to feed someone like me. Out of all the careers in Australia, they probably face some of the most extreme hardships of Mother Nature. Farmers have killed themselves, some have lost entire farms due to droughts.

So when I see people actively go out of there way, to not think about the Farmers, I get really annoyed. Now, it is completely commendable to want to get Farmers onto better systems that work better for the Environment. You just don’t do that by destroying people’s current livelihoods. If you want to prove how much better you’ve think you’ve got it. Prove It. Start a farm of your own.

What I have to stop doing in 2019

  • Asking people if my Blog changes will be alright with people,lol…If you all don’t like it, you know where the unfollow button is,lol.
  • Replying to anything that annoys me, instead of just scrolling past.
  • Trying to change the minds of Trump supporters and wasting my time…If they are still supporting, there’s nothing.
  • Too stop worrying…I remember a couple of years ago someone asked me “Are you a Warrior or a Worrier?” Straight up said “Worrier”….Not joke. I am very lucky
  • Stop from stopping myself…I have to learn to go more with flow.
  • I stole this one, but to stop finding excuses to not move my body every day. My hip is so stiff at the moment and I don’t know why. I had sciatica a couple of years and I am so worried it’s coming back.
  • Stop telling myself it’s all easier said than done…and DO IT!

Stop It Nikki Glaser GIF by Comedy Central Stand-Up - Find & Share on GIPHY


So I have been reading all these posts lately about Goals and people meeting them … and I am jealous! I really feel like I’ve been “proactively” putting goals off for myself. I feel like I’m stressed out at the moment and when I get a quiet moment, I just want to do what I want…Saying that though at the end of it I have been feeling very unaccomplished … A bit less stressed, but unaccomplished…and it’s not the greatest of feelings.

For example:

  • I am nearly obsessed with these little polymer clay figurines that I buy…Why don’t I just start learning to make them myself?
  • I need to get back into reading, I’ve got all these books from the Libraries that I work at and I haven’t really read any of them.
  • Craft, I just want to start doing all the crafts.
  • I need to get around to cleaning out my room, really go through all of my stuff.
  • Money wise there isn’t really too much I can do. I’m a casual worker at both places of work, but I have been getting regular work lately.
  • I definitely need to keep up with meditating and getting my leg strong again!

So I think that I will start making goals again. No…Not think…I will!


I’m not shocked, disappointed, heart broken, but not shocked…Bad things happens when people preach about how great they are by not voting cause they don’t like anyone, and yet, will not fight and get proactive about who they think should be running…I don’t even care if this statement offends someone, or it’s not politically correct…THE CRAZIES ARE COMMITTED…They’re not wasting a vote on a dead gorilla, they are getting out there, they are getting proactive.

Martin Luther, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Princess Di, Mandela…NONE of these people sat and did nothing, they got out there! They didn’t just preach, they DID something!

(Please watch the below video from 2:40).

Have we become so privileged? Have we become so complacent? Yes, we have, let’s be honest here. Hopefully this will be a lesson, let this shake us into not being so lazy, let us learn from this. Let’s fight for what matters, not who can wear what hair style -.- The good thing to come out of this is the shock being heard around the world and maybe will start waking the world up!

Let’s hope Trump understands that ruling a country, being able to negotiate, being respectful of other countries is much different from standing on a platform saying how great he is…Preaching means very little when you don’t listen… Trump is leading a country, and a world divided.


2016 … The year to be offended? Or not offended enough?

This post was inspired by something I was kind of involved with over the weekend. Mainly seeing the same saying coming up “2016…The Year to be offended by everything” People who were saying this were inspired by this post I found on Facebook.

It’s probably a phrase that most people are familiar with. Now what was cracking me up was all the comments *mental note: Stop reading the comments*…I was literally laughing through the comments, they run through from everything racism to how humans are superior to animals, to heated debate if Nala is a Queen or a Princess.

I know there are issues out there that are completely serious and people should “educate themselves” about *another phrase from 2016*. However, sometimes I think getting upset over topics like these, my comment “You all don’t know how to Disney”, detract from actual important issues. It just doesn’t seem to me to be proactive. Some things, to me, just need to stay fun. You need to have fun and good times, so you have the strength to fight for what matters. You can’t fight all the time, it takes too much out of you.

Plus, Nala was totally a Princess…Did you see any other male Lions around other than Scar? If you say Scar could be her father, we totally cannot be friends! =P