So not pro-military

I truly don’t understand how anyone can keep saying that Trump is “pro-military”. When he takes money from them to pay for his wall.

Let alone…

Faking bone spurs

Constantly fighting John McCain

Fire purple heart awarded vets who are doing their job and tell the truth

Then pardon ones who have done war

Pulled the US out, just to have our allies slaughtered and release ISIS fighters.

Trump is just anti anyone whose better than him, which is pretty much 80% of the global population.

Apparently Trumps finally visited the Troops overseas for Thanksgiving.

Just to sit there and basically tell them that it’s alright they commit a war crime – oil related

Fined $2 millions dollars because he took money from the Vets and put it into his Campaign.

If that is what makes someone “pro” something…Then we are all Pro-Trump!

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It’s weird, right?

Maybe a little early for this subject, but here we go:


I just think it’s weird to be “Pro-Life” but be against or think against climate change. If you are so “for life” wouldn’t you want life on earth to be as clean as possible? All those “humans” you want to save against abortion, shouldn’t they have a clean and healthy earth to live in? You actually have no say in what other people do with their bodies, but you CAN do something to help the world a cleaner place to live for future human beings…That is being Pro-Life to me!

Weird random thought, I know


I’m not shocked, disappointed, heart broken, but not shocked…Bad things happens when people preach about how great they are by not voting cause they don’t like anyone, and yet, will not fight and get proactive about who they think should be running…I don’t even care if this statement offends someone, or it’s not politically correct…THE CRAZIES ARE COMMITTED…They’re not wasting a vote on a dead gorilla, they are getting out there, they are getting proactive.

Martin Luther, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Princess Di, Mandela…NONE of these people sat and did nothing, they got out there! They didn’t just preach, they DID something!

(Please watch the below video from 2:40).

Have we become so privileged? Have we become so complacent? Yes, we have, let’s be honest here. Hopefully this will be a lesson, let this shake us into not being so lazy, let us learn from this. Let’s fight for what matters, not who can wear what hair style -.- The good thing to come out of this is the shock being heard around the world and maybe will start waking the world up!

Let’s hope Trump understands that ruling a country, being able to negotiate, being respectful of other countries is much different from standing on a platform saying how great he is…Preaching means very little when you don’t listen… Trump is leading a country, and a world divided.