I don’t know about you, but I am kind of a bit over these “activists”. Look, I am all for fighting climate change, stopping oil being abused. It would be great to become more vegan/vegetarian.

But ruining priceless art, ruining perfectly good milk, milk that some people actually need. Making minimum wage to clean up that mess.

Do you all remember how the anti-BLM “group” used the whole looting thing as an excuse to not support it. That’s it really.

I and you (most likely) understand that climate change is real, people absolutely abuse oil. That for a lot of us, plant/vegetarian base wouldn’t be the end of the world…so to speak. We are not the ones that need to be convinced. The ones that NEED to be convinced, are just getting more pissed off.

There was one of those newspaper editorial drawings, where the quote was “well we didn’t save the planet, but at least we have pretty art to look at”. And, what is the problem with that? Can’t we do both? I don’t know how long a Van Gough or Picasso will last, but they will last a long time after we’re gone. The world will end, maybe a million years from now. But it will end with humans at some point.

Lets have both. It is possible, no?


Need too

…What that is, I don’t know what. But I have at least a little under a year to figure it out.

Do any of you ever have that feeling, that you know you should be doing more with your life? After this past weekend and getting frustrated with nearly every aspect of life these days. I sat there drinking and letting off steam. Thinking, there must be more than this.

There must be more than getting seriously annoyed with people on social media, and their “opinions” and what “they think”. I don’t care what these bumbling buffoons’ think, or their opinions. There MUST be a more constructive way to let off steam. All I have to do now if think of it.

But ideas, I don’t mean like come off social media. I mean, but the frustration into something … I guess … crafty.

Do you know what I mean?

I always seem to write really great blogs when I’m frustrated, even if I have to schedule it for a week later. Make sure the grammar and the writing is not that bad. But in the meantime, maybe there’s other things I can do. The only thing is, what? Writing does help a lot, maybe starting a book about my frustrated thoughts and turn that into some sort of novel?

I follow, on Instagram, this little page called “Plushie Adoptions” and I think that’s a fantastic idea. I was thinking someone turning something like that into something, like helping animal rescues centers. Then my idea expanded, into making little gift baskets for all new animals that come into adoption centers. You know like, a lot basket of goodies. Plushies, treats in it, blankies. All sorts of thing, things you can probably purchase from a op shop. But, because I’m young…ish. I would want to get some sort of money out of it. As horrible as it sounds.

Then my brain starts going, just do it Lauren, for free. But then my needing to eat and pay bills side is all “Well you need to eat and pay bills”.

I have so many ideas, definitely charity-wise. But I just don’t have the money to start funding that sort of thing, and it’s SO frustrating. I guess I could look into it? Maybe even get a small grant from somewhere.

Actually the more I think about it, the more excited it seems…But would I be brave enough?

Magical Friends

I have pretty much missed a decent time frame for ‘Fact Friday’, the last couple of weekends have just been so full that I’ve had to spend the last couple of Fridays setting up and getting ready for the weekend. Next Friday should be different though, because it will be a quiet weekend.

For this edition of Magic Monday I thought that I would would write about the elusive and rare creature, the genuine best female friend. Women are a generally competitive creature and although they could, in fact, rule the world. They spend most of the time trying to destroy one another. There does seem however to be a sub-group to a group situation, where in a large group, there will be a smaller group of generally 3-4 girls who seem to genuinely care for one another. This small group of women will often integrate into each other’s life’s so much that actually become a part of your family.

When this small group come together much planning and discussion takes place, which leaves all parties involved more listened to and more happier. Like they could take on the world. How these women cannot figure out if they could just come together instead of trying to hurt one another is still one of life’s biggest mysteries.

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