Just because…Point Proven…Ironically

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post about just because someone may be gay, poc etc etc, doesn’t automatically make them a good person…Read it here.

Interestingly enough it was proven to me yesterday morning in my own real life and not on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. I have to do a bit of a back story.

The indigenous people do not have a good general reputation in Australia. A lot of people in Australia think that they are lazy, trying to rort the system, always trying to get something for nothing. Now while there are Indigenous people who are like this and in the past have been like this. It’s our own white fellas fault. No denying that at all. We took children who were a little lighter from their families, we gave them alcohol. I mean…I didn’t do that personally, but white people did. However I’ve only ever met very motivated Indigenous people who want to get the best for their people. I’ve also though, seen the alcoholic ones living on the street.

However, I was become extremely upset yesterday morning. I catch the bus usually from and to work, it’s easier and it comes out cheaper. Since I work though and work at a high casual rate, I get charged a higher ticket rate for bus tickets. Where I live, you can get a different range of bus tickets. If you are elderly, if you are a school student, if you are under 5 (I think) it’s free. The rate also changes at different times of the day. During 9am till I think about 3:30pm the tickets for everyone are cheaper, some being cheaper again then most.

SO…Where I was going with that…My bus driver today was a Muslim, he is my regular bus driver and he is as sweet as they come.We got to a particular bus stop at 8:58am. Which means that unless you have a concession card of some sort, you have to pay the full adult price. These Indigenous people got onto the bus and started accusing the bus driver of being racist and that he’s taking Australian jobs and that he came over by boat…They sounded exactly like my racist white Aunt…Too be honest with you. By the time they had screamed and ranted it was past 9am. I was shocked I tell you. Shocked. Not only were they in the wrong to begin with, they clearly weren’t working and they accused the driver of being an Indian…When he’s a Muslim, of trying to “rip them off”. Even if he was, which he wasn’t, it only another 3 dollars. I felt like telling them if they don’t like how the buses are run, get your licence.

But here was my dilemma…If they had continued I knew I was going to say something.

But what can I say? I’m white? I felt like if it had continued, I would have to say something…But what?

The only thing I could think of to do was to write to the bus company and commend him on his calmness. The thing was I would have totally given them the money, but I didn’t want too. Then later on we picked up a Sudanese elderly man and he had forgotten his card, so I gave him the money, because he was getting upset at himself. It was really hot today as well, but I also wanted to give him the money.

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“Be Best”

This Post is basically just a rant, alrighty…Here we go?

I am so very over this “family” Tell that to students who are DEAD because of others bullying, tell that to the transgender CHILDREN having their lives threatened by Adults. Tell that to POC who are being KILLED on the streets by the people who are supposed to protect them.

Tell that to the Obamas who YOU, yes you joined in with and did not condemn (ape, monkey Michael) Tell that to children who were sexually assaulted by their Priest, or Dr Ford “bullied” with death threats … 

You wore a jacket that said “I really don’t care, do you?” Too a camp full of children, where your husband was keeping them.

She didn’t even begin “Be best” because of “The people” either! Once again…It’s all about them.

Funny thing I’ve started to notice of people who call “classy” it’s ONLY about clothes…Why…Because she’s done literally nothing else! is about her, the jacket (to a children’s camp) was to “own the libs” -.- Clothes do not always make the person!

First lady Melania Trump said in an interview that aired Thursday that she is the most bullied person in the world, which has led her to create her anti-bullying “Be Best” initiative, before softening her comments slightly to say she is one of the most bullied.


I’m not shocked, disappointed, heart broken, but not shocked…Bad things happens when people preach about how great they are by not voting cause they don’t like anyone, and yet, will not fight and get proactive about who they think should be running…I don’t even care if this statement offends someone, or it’s not politically correct…THE CRAZIES ARE COMMITTED…They’re not wasting a vote on a dead gorilla, they are getting out there, they are getting proactive.

Martin Luther, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Princess Di, Mandela…NONE of these people sat and did nothing, they got out there! They didn’t just preach, they DID something!

(Please watch the below video from 2:40).

Have we become so privileged? Have we become so complacent? Yes, we have, let’s be honest here. Hopefully this will be a lesson, let this shake us into not being so lazy, let us learn from this. Let’s fight for what matters, not who can wear what hair style -.- The good thing to come out of this is the shock being heard around the world and maybe will start waking the world up!

Let’s hope Trump understands that ruling a country, being able to negotiate, being respectful of other countries is much different from standing on a platform saying how great he is…Preaching means very little when you don’t listen… Trump is leading a country, and a world divided.