Nurture Thursday – Preparation

Nurt Thur – Preparation

The best advice I could ever give someone, even though, it’s not more “fun” If you can prepare yourself though…Do! As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I have anxiety. Every now and then I triple…sometimes…quadruple my bag before I head out, make sure I’ve got all my stuff “just in case”.

Now saying this as well though, every now and then, when I’m feeling alright, I push myself a little bit more and more.

Basically, moderation is the key.


California Fires…continue…

This has been a rough year for wildfires here in Southern California and throughout much of the western United States. A few weeks ago, the Border Fire destroyed over 7,600 acres in southeast San Diego County. Fires can be devastating for both people and their pets. While it’s always important to have a disaster preparedness […]

via Pets and Wildfires: One Cat’s Survival Story — FACE Foundation