We’re all a danger

This weekend I was called a homophobe.

And I couldn’t stop laughing about it.

I just got called a homophobe for pointing out that Lesbians have harmed other people. 😂 I’m like “Mate, I’ve watched a whole crime show about the Amish killing people”. If I pointed out that show to you, am I suddenly a Trineophobe too? 😂 Irony was that they were the ones asking for it. Literally, asked for proof that Lesbians harm other people.

Murder, rape, bigotry all the bad things about human beings, is about power. And you will find people who want that, in every single group.

I think that they just didn’t like that it was pointed out that Lesbians are not a monolith, and are just as capable of violence, like every other group on this planet. That’s not homophobia.


Gonna get a little serious here, folks

I was disturbed to hear that Rihanna’s beauty company, to bring in their first “man” ever, is Johnny Depp.

Now, of course, all the Deppford Wives are all “An abuse victim recognised another abuse victim”, no, they/we don’t. If we did, we could call it out a lot sooner.

Even if you don’t believe Heard, he still did all of this:

Even if you didn’t believe that he abused Heard, he still: • Used N-word slur • Made racist jokes • Went shopping for H*tler’s gun w Manson • Used slur for Native Americans.

There are so MANY powerful men of actual colour out there! I just want to know why, when there are SO many actual powerful men of colour out there!? Who haven’t degraded or harmed others. Billy Porter, Nas, Ncuti Gatwa, don’t know how Kapernick feels about make up, Idris Elba. Like, come on! You REALLY want some over the hill white man?!

As for “she rcognises another abuse victim, because she is one” Are we sure?

Rihanna defends Chris Brown collaboration

This article is more than 10 years old

Singer says she never considered that making a record with her abusive ex-boyfriend would spark controversy

Too me, it’s not even that she choose to do this, when she should have stayed away. It’s the fact that Chris Brown continued to harass and harm OTHER women. Rihanna was not the only person he physically harm and attacked. Abuse victims can be abuse apologists and not recognize abuse sometimes? Yes. Yes they absolutely can.

Why is “Hollywood” insisting on shoving Depp down our throats, ALL the time, by the way.

What is the most powerful word?

I was inspired to write about this post after dealing with, I am pretty sure right winger on Linkedin. They were replying to a UN post about hate speech being inflammatory and can start problems.

“What is hate speech”. This “person” kept saying just because someone says that they “hate” someone, doesn’t mean they want physically harm too them. They did a lot of writing, without actually saying much, other than it was obvious they had no problem with hate speech. So I told them that, lol.

Oh boy, lol

Then there was a whole heap of insulting towards me and just like “they have valid points”. Which one, no they didn’t. If you don’t, as an adult, don’t know what hate speech is. You either ARE stupid, which is something I was accused of calling someone. Or you need to go back to school. Anyways, I did end up saying something and reminding them that it’s LinkedIn, not Twitter or Quora.

They were acting stupid, but I didn’t say the word “stupid”. Which was funny too me. Mainly because of what I wrote above, and what they wrote too. Even if I called someone stupid, doesn’t mean I want to harm them. So when they accuse me of calling them stupid, go for it, still not hate speech according to them, lol.

Also, it’s funny how they can all mind read each other. Maybe that’s why they think everyone else can do it too? If you say “I hate this group” that group has no idea that you don’t mean them harm. On top of which, I asked them to provide me with examples of Trump, Rowling, Putin and Hitler saying they hate the people we all know they do. They couldn’t, of course.

Hate Speech is simply this:

This is what the UN posted on LinkedIn

I guess the biggest irony is, of course and always that in the entirety of what they were writing. Every single person who “had a go” at me. Was being indifferent and were writing ignorantly of what hate speech is. They all know what hate speech is.

I would love to hear though, what you think is or are the most powerful words?

The thing that “scared” me the most about that conversation, were the supposed careers of the people I was having a conversation with. One was a language mentor, one was a prevention crime analyst and called themselves a “Peace Officer” The one who “asked” the UN “what is hate speech” is a Security & Defence Consultant, Analyst, Middle East and Africa.

Grains of Salt

I have heard this expression twice now in cases where it should be alarming and a LOT more serious too people.

The first time was those Republican mothers, when the Brett Kavanaugh case, and they said “what boy hasn’t committed sexual assaulted, it’s what they do”.

Oh, okay then.

The second has been with Depp, and his little sociopaths’ stan’s saying “He was just venting to a friend” I don’t know how much you know about the case. These “just venting” text to his friend Paul Bettany, who I’ve also gone off of. Where horrific and quiet frankly, those texts should have been enough. It’s that whole “it’s just locker room” talk mentality. I’m going to post a couple of these texts, word for word. And tell me if you think they should be taken with a “grain of salt”.

“Let’s drown her before we burn her!!! I will f— her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she’s dead.”

 “Hopefully that c—‘s rotting corpse is decomposing in the f—–g trunk of a Honda Civic!!”

Depp’s testimony in mind in which he denied knowledge of texts that were presented, including a message about sex with a woman that read: “I NEED. I WANT. I TAKE.” 

Too be an abuser, you don’t need to physically touch someone. I hope we all understand this. Again, this is a safe space. In my life I have dealt with a lot of emotional and mental abuse. Mainly from my Dad, so believe me when I say that what Depp has said IS abusive, and, quietly frankly is psychopathic. Depp, Kavanaugh, Trump are ALL abusers, in powers of positions, No matter what their little stan’s say.

The sad thing is the majority of people who support these abusers, are white middle-aged straight women.

The most important sign that the victims of these “men” are, in fact, victims. Is the fact, that once again, I don’t mind talking about. The actual professionals, the people who run abuse centers, most, if not all of the women who started #MeToo have spoken OUT about what Depp has done. They have spoken AGAINST, Depp, Trump, Kavanaugh etc. I think THEY might be onto something. Not these “women” who leave out information and just plain lie about things.

We’re in 2022 people, grow up!

How many more “grains of salt” are you willingly to give these “men”? Surely by NOW they should be running out.

And one more time, just because Trump, Kavanaugh and Depp continue to get away with their behaviour, except for those two times Depp was legally called a wife beater. Does not mean, they are good people. That is the whole point of power.

I’m right, you’re wrong.

Last time, I swear. I don’t think anyone expected that outcome.

So JD was found to be a wife beater, twice by a court in the UK, right. I think it was like 12 of the 14/15 charges were found to be provable. The legal analysts have said that this Jury got this really wrong. And the WERIDEST part of the whole thing, was that at least Depps ex-lawyer was found, in this current case, to have defamed Heard. When he said what Heard had said was a lie. So basically they found that Heard didn’t lie.

The very sad thing about this is that the next day, hundreds of people stopped their DV court cases from proceeding.

Yet, every single Deppford wife will insist to you. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard I say. They keep talking about how the Judge/s in the UK, only had to “believe” that there was evidence of abuse, or something like that. It’s the weirdest I say.

Which I have no problem with Heard’s team appealing. It is absolutely the right thing to do.

Disclaimer (lol) this is in no way meaning, I think Heard wasn’t also an abuser. I do.

What makes this case different from a lot of others, is that there is one CLEAR person who has the power in this situation. He even said the 101 classic abuser statement “If she was so scared, why didn’t she leave”. For myself, and other abuse victims, that was a HUGE red flag.

I lost about 4 or 5 friends over this too. I’m not even upset about it, I’m just disappointed in them. People just REALLY don’t listen to moi, when I say don’t lie to me about what I’ve said and what I have not. Do you know how many of my “friends” had the actual audacity to say to me “But Heard abused him too!”. I have actually seen a few male victims come out and say that they also don’t agree with court outcome.

Patience is a virtue

I just wanted to start this post with that I have come off Twitter, for a few days now. It’s insane. I didn’t even report Trump Supporters for threatening others. Targeted Harassment, constantly. I can’t even remember having to report for threatening behaviour. In the 24-48 hours before I decided to come off for a while. There were at least 6 people I had to report for threatening behaviors, not only towards trans people, but also threatening to harm trans allies.

McClarver Productions

Hold On … I’m coming

“I can’t just sit by a watch”. I’ve been binge watching Genius: Aretha Franklin and my lord was she one POWERFUL woman!

How does someone even get that powerful?

She had a lot of good backing, but I think she would have got there even without them. Her Daddy was a popular and powerful preacher, a good friend to THE King! (Martin Luther King). Is it really who you know?

I get so frustrated! Trans lives are not up for debate. BLM is not up for debated. Conversion Therapy just needs to be outright banned. No “exemptions”, just banned. These things aren’t just not that difficult to compute. If you’re going to take away people’s rights and lives. You’re a bigot, not up for debate.

I am left/liberal, I wouldn’t say I’m “far”. But I most definitely get emotional and really easily annoyed. My brain cannot compute the lack of humanity lately.