That’s right folks! This is my 1000th Blog post!!! YAY!

I have actually tried uploading a video to commemorate it, but I’ve had so many problems with it. Then when I thought that I could get it done, I forget that they were doing work on our power lines today. So here I am writing it again.

Thank you to everyone who has made this Blog a possibility, you don’t even understand! I’ve got like 10, maybe 15 diaries/journals and they all have about 5 pages written, with the full intention of them being full. Which is why it’s even a miracle I wrote one more post after the first one, let alone 1000!

Here’s too a hundred thousand more!

For the love of reading!

I found this amazing Blog posting this week that I just fell in love with and felt that all my readers should read this post too!

Coffee, books, and a tale to tell. A day at the bookstore.

I am also a people watcher and many probably wouldn’t believe it, but I struggle in social situations as well. I have gotten better over the years, but I love to people watch, but I don’t want to be watched!

If I had a child, I would encourage them to read whatever it they wanted too. I couldn’t imagine being a parent, or an adult and look down on anyone who wants to read whatever it is they want too.