I wish…

I wish there was some way I could make an account and send out random messages, so it’s private, but without it seeming creepy. Not creepy messages, but messages like:

“You Rule”

“Keep doing You”

“You deserve the world”

I’ve been interesting in leaving little post it notes in random places with positive messages left on them. So if someone picks them up then, hopefully, it will make them smile a little…But I would love to be able to do something like this for my friends and family.

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I love…Part 2

So I decided to not only continue on with the whole “love” and inspirational type of thing. I was also inspired by the one of the posts I shared yesterday with you all: What I Love – Victoria Jayne’s Books

You’ll have to mind me this post may go on a lot, but I would also highly suggest that you all do the same and see how it makes you feel afterwards.

I love pretty much all baby animals, and there fat baby animal bellies, when they are full and happy. I love to watch Reign and escape and pretend that I am wearing all of Mary’s outfits. I love my family, they are great and I really love some of my good friends, those ones that are always there. I love to dance, alone and with others. I love music. I love Pippy and Travie, and my Aunt’s dog Zachy. I love my best boyfriend, he’s the best boyfriend ever! I love how safe my close family and boyfriend help me feel in every way that’s important. I love cuddling my partner in bed when it rains. I love writing, even if it’s just to write a few of my random thoughts, I love Blogging I have not enjoyed something so public more. I love safari live (but I’m guessing you can tell that one!). I love all the LotR and Hobbits films (except for the Kili and Fili and how they died), I love escaping in the ethereal of the films. I love all of my pets that have passed. I love to read and I love to read a bit of everything. I love those times I can just play a computer with no feeling of responsibility. I love friends who are loyal and I never have to question, I’m getting sick of having to do that! I love how far I’ve come because of people like that. I love to sing along, by myself, in private.

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Take Care of Yourself <3

Generally I post the weekly literature quotes on Wednesdays because I have always hated Wednesdays. If I ever have a bad day during the week, I can pretty much guarantee that it will happen on a Wednesday.

This week I decided to post a positive saying just for general today.

I hope you all have a good Wednesday!


New Years!

Another end of the year and I am sure that there will be thousands of posts today about today and all the resolutions.

I know people are waiting for some emo post (especially on my Facebook page) but I just want to say I don’t really have anything to complain about this year. Sure it’s not all been amazing and I was disappointed a lot, but most of it has been…“The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant” That’s my theme for this year. I got rid of a lot of toxic things, people and the way I think. I have had so much fun and when the good things have happened, they have been uh-mazing! I have great family, amazing friends and I am particularly proud of myself too, I have accomplished a lot personally =D

What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before?

I swam with dolphins, I still can’t get over surreal that whole experience was! Amazing! I walked Mt Lofty and lived to tell the tale! (I did do it when I was younger, but I barely remember it). I changed my hair a different colour and it now it’s turned into this fabulous colour that I have actually always wanted my hair to be. I have done more little personal things that I’ve not done before. Going on an online dating site and actually meeting someone decent,lol


It is no secret fact that the end of a year, any year, it makes people reflect and look back at the year and decide what they wish to improve on for the new year coming.

Last year what I did was instead of making resolutions for the year coming, I made a list of what I was going to leave behind in the past year. I actually found this was really a lot better than making promises into the future. Mainly because we don’t know what the future holds for us. So instead of promising myself that I would “lose weight” I worked on writing less emo-type posts.

I found that by making promises to myself of what I’m leaving behind, I could concentrate on that. I could work on myself and then I was able to work on things that were thrown at me in my future, things that I didn’t see coming. I have to say that personally it did work for me, so I shall be doing that again. Instead of starting new problems, I decided to work on old issues of mine so that I could leave them behind.

Here are a couple of things that I will be leaving behind in 2015:

  1. Less talking about my ex’s, so I can concentrate on my new partner
  2. Being unproductive and be more proactive on finding a job IN a Library, rather than just having a job.
  3. MORE motivation for meditation!

What are your “tricks” for the New Year? Do you make resolutions, or do you do something else instead, make a goal for the new year?