So the twitter ban continues

I have added a lot of things, like this past weekend there were a lot of Minions McDonalds Happy Meal boxes around, which made me laugh. Like a lot. Honestly, it has been good. The more time that goes on, I swear, the better mental health I feel.

I still get little highlights a couple of times a day. And it makes me incredibly grateful, lol. Because it’s all so stupid, like the TERFs fight amongst each other. The Tories, except one minister, are throwing trans people under the bus on Twitter. Despite, the public obviously supporting trans people. Not sorry, but Rowling is one billionaire, she does not represent the average person. Let alone the gay community.

The amount of reading I’ve been doing too, it’s been great!

However, I wanted to write about today and great “Happy Birthday” to E. B. White, author to books such as Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan.

Oh my goodness, how lovely would it be to be dead and people are still celebrating your birthday all these years later. People still celebrate that you lived. It really is incredible. No wonder people feel that “allure”, it’s almost like you live on, eternally.

Also, did you know that E.B. White co wrote a book called “Is Sex Necessary? Or, Why You Feel the Way You Do”.

It actually sounds like it be quiet funny. Has anyone here read it?


Some nice things…

My topics this week, have been pretty intense this week and the annoying thing is, I am feeling really well. Apart from the anxiety attack I had last Thursday at work, I’ve actually been surprisingly well.

Let’s bring it down a notch, and talk about some positive things for this week:

  • As I mentioned earlier in the week, despite the transphobia throughout the UK. Despite Brexit, despite the BBC and the Tories. At least 4 people elected were trans people, and the people who were overtly transphobic lost their seats.
  • I can’t tell a lie, I have no problem with the public showing up to the SC’ houses. After the SC’s want to take THE PEOPLE’s privacy away. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
  • I know now how to handle my anxiety at work, if it should happen. Got my bags I take to work, all prepared!
  • Although it is kind of sad, it’s nice to see that Rowling is running out of options. She can’t keep attacking trans people the way she wants.
  • My partner helped me make dinner, lol
  • The new Dr for Doctor Who has been announced =D
  • I purchased all these with my birthday money =D


Selfie Positivity

I recently read a “news” story about (you’ve probably seen it before), about selfish “social influencers”. Taking stupid life-risking selfies for a “shot”.

What I would love to hear about, is maybe let us know what do you think is either your most POSITIVE selfie, or maybe tell us about someone you actually know that is a social media positive influence on yourself? I would LOVE to know!

I am trying to find some more positive social influences, they have to be out there.

I wish…

I wish there was some way I could make an account and send out random messages, so it’s private, but without it seeming creepy. Not creepy messages, but messages like:

“You Rule”

“Keep doing You”

“You deserve the world”

I’ve been interesting in leaving little post it notes in random places with positive messages left on them. So if someone picks them up then, hopefully, it will make them smile a little…But I would love to be able to do something like this for my friends and family.

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I love…Part 2

So I decided to not only continue on with the whole “love” and inspirational type of thing. I was also inspired by the one of the posts I shared yesterday with you all: What I Love – Victoria Jayne’s Books

You’ll have to mind me this post may go on a lot, but I would also highly suggest that you all do the same and see how it makes you feel afterwards.

I love pretty much all baby animals, and there fat baby animal bellies, when they are full and happy. I love to watch Reign and escape and pretend that I am wearing all of Mary’s outfits. I love my family, they are great and I really love some of my good friends, those ones that are always there. I love to dance, alone and with others. I love music. I love Pippy and Travie, and my Aunt’s dog Zachy. I love my best boyfriend, he’s the best boyfriend ever! I love how safe my close family and boyfriend help me feel in every way that’s important. I love cuddling my partner in bed when it rains. I love writing, even if it’s just to write a few of my random thoughts, I love Blogging I have not enjoyed something so public more. I love safari live (but I’m guessing you can tell that one!). I love all the LotR and Hobbits films (except for the Kili and Fili and how they died), I love escaping in the ethereal of the films. I love all of my pets that have passed. I love to read and I love to read a bit of everything. I love those times I can just play a computer with no feeling of responsibility. I love friends who are loyal and I never have to question, I’m getting sick of having to do that! I love how far I’ve come because of people like that. I love to sing along, by myself, in private.

Please read my previous post at: I love…

Take Care of Yourself <3

Generally I post the weekly literature quotes on Wednesdays because I have always hated Wednesdays. If I ever have a bad day during the week, I can pretty much guarantee that it will happen on a Wednesday.

This week I decided to post a positive saying just for general today.

I hope you all have a good Wednesday!