I am DETERMINED this Pride to write only positive posts when I write about the LGBTQIA. You all know how horrible it’s been lately. I don’t need to continually remind you, haha

I will be putting them under my Category of Blog Challenges. Because the world is being horrible to the LGBTQIA community. It feels like a challenge, to get through all the mud and the horribleness and find positive things. Because there really are!

What better way than to start with my favourite Drag Queen, who is my non-family favourite Drag Queen, haha

Alaska Thunderfuck – ROY G BIV BBT (Official Music Video)

Alaska Thunderfuck

The title stands for colors of the pride flag – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Black Brown & Trans

Miss Little Negativity

I must apologise for my most negative blogging this last couple of weeks. For myself, it’s been great to get things off my chest. However, with the lack of views to my blogging lately. I suspect, even though it’s be cathartic and enjoyable for me, because I can see the funny side of my situations. You, my readers, have no idea what’s going on in my mind. Just because I can see the funny side, doesn’t mean you do.


Positive Thinking

I can start off by saying, I can positively say that the World is going loopy.

So I am going to try and be more positive. I’ve even come up with a couple of what I think are intelligent responses to TERFs lately. Slightly snarky, slightly funny. I actually only thought of these yesterday.

Whenever someone says a woman is a “Adult Human Female”…I like to reply now “Oh yay woman are being defined by what a bunch of old men have defined woman as for centuries in a English dictionary, probably written by white men … YAY FOR THE PATIARCHY!!!”

I’ve also noticed that a lot of “women” keep writing under posts and tweets about domestic violence against women and children “What is a woman”. Meaning define what women is. So now I say to them. “So tell us, if you manage to get rid of trans people (which wont happen), how do you purpose that would stop the violence perpetuated by cis male against their partners and children?”

Or the classic when they say “Only one trans person is murdered (in the UK) a year, and a women is killed every three days by her male partner”. Simple reply is “Well, how is oppressing trans people, going to stop women being killed every three days by their male domestic partner? It’s not”

You gotta keep the funny snarky up!

Thumbs Up

… I am determined to be more positive this week! I desperately need to get my mind back to the positives.

I’ve been noticing the last couple of weeks, that my Blog and my mind in general. I have not been positive thinking as much as I should, even with just faking it. This is not a time to be miserable all the time. There’s not much to be positive about. However, there is!

Despite the TERFs and transphobia in politics. It’s just that small group. Scientists, Health and good people are all on the trans communities side. They may seem loud on social media, but there are lot of good people doing the RIGHT things.

There maybe idiotic politicians, but I think the majority of people aren’t that stupid. I think once Trump was voted out, I think it did wake some people up. Again, just because some people seem loud on the internet, doesn’t mean everyone’s like that.

The last 24 hours have been really weird:

*cis women saying women can’t rape. That was a doozy!

*Janice Turner having a little moment of self-realisation.

*cis women complaining about being called cis and non-trans

*cis woman letting men tell them we are only our sex organs. Then saying they don’t want the Patriarchy in charge.

*Lis Truss heading a LGBTQIA world conference, after allowing a transphobic woman to say it’s okay for women to misgender.

*Scrapping the GRA

*Just general TERFness, lol

The Worlds just kind of really loopy and there’s no real good reason for it. Why wont Biden condemn what he should be condemning?

There does not be any reason to “consult” the public about how “best” to ban conversion therapy. You just ban it, the majority of the public want it banned. The top therapist and psychiatry organisation’s condemn it. Considering the UK, haven’t actually listened to the majority of the public with the GRA Reform, despite transphobic women getting a LOT of consultations opportunities and have not produced any evidence. I can only begin to imagine how long banning conversion “therapy” will take. Since a lot of transphobic people think it’s imperative it’s not banned to stop people “transing the gay away”.

*Janice Turner having a little moment of self-realisation.

This point is all about that. Janice Turner is a “journalist” who is VERY transphobic. This week she wrote a article with the title “Banning Conversion Therapy is a minefield” Another journalist pointed out that by standing with Conversion Therapy it is being homophobic. I think she had to take a second to think about it because she called the comment libelous, and that she stands with the LGBT community. I think it actually gave her a little mental “shake”.

Conversion Therapy is mainly used by Religious and anti-LGBT people to “get rid of the gay”. It’s called CONVERSION THERAPY … Not, we all love you for who you are therapy. Which some people REALLY need. So, if you think Conversion Therapy shouldn’t be just banned, then no, you aren’t for the LGBT Community.

Here in Australia, it’s not really that much better.

Our Government, today, have banned Members of Parliament, including any staff that work at Government House from speaking publicly about the Brittany Higgins case. Brittany Higgins was a Liberal staff member, who was raped by another Liberal staff member. The reaction from our Federal Government has been MORE than disappointing. So much for “Free Speech” from our Government, huh?

Also, I will admit I don’t 100% understand the situation regarding Jerusalem. I just know do not kill the children, leave the children out of it. Also though this may not have happened if Trump had just left everything neutral. But Biden MUST condemn.

The world is going loopy. But you know …

March 31st

March the 31st is Trans Visibility Day. Soooooooooooooo, saying that. It might get really vicious on all the social media. For myself, I am determined to keep today and tomorrow as positive as I can. I’m going to write a little something tomorrow to be positive, but you might find it a little boring, haha.

Also well done to the Guardian! (US though).

Trans kids on the Republican bills targeting them “I’m not a problem to society”

I wonder how many “we’re protecting the kids” will actually listen though?

Social Media

I randomly take breaks on social media, and they’re randomly timed too. As an example, I’ll take a whole week off of Twitter, however, I will go onto my account if I feel something I’ve read or heard is important. So I come on for about 5 minutes, have a quick scroll through, post and then come off again. That way I’m still getting info out, but not going down the rabbit hole. Other times, I’ll just stay off.

I guess in a way this is a continuation to a post that I wrote first, but is being posted tomorrow. Of who holds the media accountable, when they wont hold each other accountable.

The positive and good thing, I have noticed. Is the PEOPLE are starting to hold more people too account. Thanks to places like Twitter, like Facebook, we are know seeing the damage some people in the media do. Have always been doing, but now it’s a lot harder to cover up what you’ve done. There are lot ways to cover what someone has done. Most of the time the morons expose themselves on places like Twitter and Facebook.

There has to be something positive.

I keep seeing all these wonderful proactive and positive type posts, despite the year we have. I just wanted to write about it from my point of view.

There has been one or two people who have said there is an actual thing 2020 PTSD thing, and I can’t say that I don’t believe them. I absolutely do believe them!

I don’t think that there’s a single person in 2020, who hasn’t been badly affected by this year, and I don’t even completely mean with COVID. There have been numerous. I think everyone I know has lost a person or a furbaby. Some people didn’t even have COVID, my Gran, as an example, we discovered had a mini stroke. Nothing to do with COVID, just one of those things.

Even with such a horrible year…there has to be something positive…right?

Give me a minute here…

I swear I’ve got something…


  • Whether or not he likes it, and what he does now Trump is GONE. GONE GONE BYE BYE
  • I met trans twitter”, and they are they LOVEIST and some of the funniest people I know.
  • I think I found my voice, that I had thought I had forgotten when I was little. I remember my voice.
  • I found good things and good people to fight for, and with.
  • After 36 years, I’ve realised it doesn’t matter that I am no one’s favourite “something”. I like me, and that is good enough.
  • Never forget though, to not just build a wall still. Let some people in, not everyone, but some. So when bad things do happen, or if I feel like turning inwards. Too know how and when to turn outwards to someone else.

This year started off really well for myself. I still had the Pippy, I still had a job, heck…I even had my last baby tooth, hanging there with a couple of thin veins, haha.

The other reason it started off so well though, was because of my therapy. I finally got to talk to someone about my teenage years and why I was so angry. When I say I was angry, I don’t mean I was taking drugs, getting pregnant every day. I would slam doors, yell, I got extremely depressed a couple of times. In the past, when I have tried to bring it up, either people would deny it, or they’d do the usual “Oh that was so long ago”. Oh, they have no problem admitting I was angry, but they just deny why.

Therapy HELPS. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

This year has been really bad, in terms of communication. So next year, I want to make that better, even if it’s just for myself.


Share Your World -03/30/20

Share Your World – 30/03/2020

Share Your World


Pancakes, waffles or French Toast as your breakfast favorite? 

Without question, waffles. I love them all mind you, but if I had to chose, it’d be waffles. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why though. I like that just that little bit more though.

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?

I think to some extent it does. When you think about the amount of celebrities who change their name, that we know them by. So on some level it does. I also think they we feel not a social pressure, but a certain type of pressure to be like what you were named after. Myself, I was named after Lauren Bacall. Sometimes I feel I need to be a bit more cooler…At least I’m not named Karen at this time!

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?

I do believe it would go better if we focused on more things that were going well. It just does your brain good. But not like the way Trump does it. He thinks everything he does, goes well. Don’t do “going well” like Trump.

Is math(s) something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?

Maybe both?lol. I think it’s kind of hard to explain, as I would not call myself “mathematical” at all,lol. It does to an extent, it also depends though…Oh god, this is complicated in my mind. I know that I think maths does accurately represent how a lot of things work, but not everything…lol. As an example, they say music and maths are very similar. So somebody who can do maths well, can also play music. HOWEVER, does that mean that someone who can do maths, also represent how and why music makes us feel how we feel when we listen to a song that makes us feel … Oh dear god, I thought…ed!lol


What are you grateful for right now?   I realize it’s difficult to be very positive right now, unless one is being positive that things are pretty awful.   Let’s spread the joy in gratitude!! 

I am honestly grateful for the Blogging community, especially the people who read mine! I had to go away and you’re all still here! Still communicating with me, although at the moment it can feel somewhat of an overabundance of communication is happening right now. It’s good and positive communication. Even this question is positive. Despite knowing that it’s not a great time, the question asks us to think of something positive and so you do. So I ask anyone who may not do the questions this week, to read this and any other blogger whose done the questions this week and think of something joyful and positive!


Light-bulb! Bye bye toxicity

I had a really big light-bulb moment this week. The one big question that I’ve never really been able to answer is “Why did I keep my toxic ex-best friends for such a long time”. I’ve never really been able to answer why, I was trying to stop being friends with them a couple of years before we ultimately stopped being friends. But I had no idea how to let go.

Then I was talking to my Mum and how proud everyone is of her because she finally, after 20+ years finally said “No, we’re not changing the date”. Her ex sister-in-law, my aunt. Took my Mums side when my parents split. I think at first my mum felt happy and justified that they did. However, the problem is my Aunt and family are so far from perfect, but wont hear it but expect perfection from others. So even though I did not live with them, we still had to live up to their expectations. If we did not and they did a “poor you” to my Mum, we would hear about it!

Then there’s my Dad who complains how his brother winds him up, his friends wind him up. But guess who he takes it out on and guess who he keeps running back too. Even with my Gran, there’s a family ex friends of hers. Who literally said to her face “I don’t want to be friends anymore” They live in a small town and she constantly “accidentally” bumps into him, constantly talks about him. It’s been about 10+ since he told her he did not want to be friends with her. He’s apparently nearly died twice and has not reached out to her.

So, I’ve got all these adults whose strongest friendships and relationships are extremely toxic, some who have literally been told “I don’t want to be your friend anymore” And they wonder why I had a hard time letting go. At least I didn’t take so many years it took me into double digits!lol

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