Absolutely Positutely!

Daily writing prompt
Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

Actually standing up for myself.

Nearly 40 years into it, and I had to say no to my family for the first time and they did not like it one bit.

On the plus side, I do feel better. I’ve also started great communication with my Dad. He’s going to give me money for my wedding.

I can’t say that I was entirely shocked by my families reaction. I still was, but I also was not, haha.

That’s been the most fantastic thing of the whole incident, I know what’s okay for me and what is not. It’s also really had to make me stand on my own two feet. Its sad what’s happened, but I actually feel really good about a lot of things.

I also had no idea how far being in comments I am! Sorry about that!


So close…

I nearly…NEARLY wrote a negative post, it is literally in my trash file as I write this.

I told myself “no” don’t focus on the negative.

About to do it again, lol

I am actually at work while I write this, I am trying to distract myself. The worst thing about data entry, you sit and have a lot of time to think. It can absolutely troublesome.

I think a lot of it has to do with the unbelievably though that people are just *this* dumb. I keep have to keep rereading people’s tweets and then having to reread my tweets to make sure they make sense. Honestly, while Musk is there it wont get any better. Social Media is always, but Twitter is just stupid now.

I am all for Freedom of Speech, especially against Governments. But the amount of times I’ve told people “Look, you don’t have to tweet every thought that springs into your head” It’s become tiresome, quiet honestly.

Why do people feel the need to do that? ESPICALLY those people who for reasons known only too them. Tweet something that they apparently have no interest in, or have a “fight” in. And it always a bad take on something, or just completely wrong.

Welcome to my mind.

Tell me something good

So, my emotions have been a bit all around the place. But I hope you all got to see the counter rally to KJK aka Nazi Barbie’s hate rally. It was blooming fantastic! They had cabaret, and Furries. I think it was the first I’ve seen where anti-trans “protestors” were escorted out by police.

Well Done Glasgow!

I spent most of my day off from work, doing wedding things. Do people still send out “save the date” cards, or do they just send out the invitations? After everything’s that happened, I needed to do something fun.

But I want to hear about you!

Good Day for Love, Bad Day for Haters

Oh my goodness, I could not stop smiling all day today.

Cambridge Dictionary Adds Trans-Inclusive Definition of ‘Woman’

A while ago a TERF, Marion Miller, was taken to court. Ms Millar previously shot to prominence after being controversially charged with posting allegedly homophobic and transphobic content online. When the case was discontinued, I have no idea why. Everything she was accused of, she did. Then she went completely silent.


(Just ignore the “Feminist” part).

EXCLUSIVE: Feminista campaigner Marion Millar in police fraud probe as Dundee firm claims it lost 50K

The BEST part though…Was this…

Oh, for something different, but just as “funny”.

Harry and Meghan becomes Netflix’s biggest documentary debut yet

The “funny” part was, apart from a couple of people I know who like them. I would be willing to bet that most of the people who watched it enough to make it the biggest documentary debut ever on Netflix. Say things like “I don’t care” “they’re trash” “I don’t want to talk about them”. Oh, this is going to piss them off.

I see you

I was like “How are so many people commenting on the Harry and Meghan thing, and all that’s out is the trailer?” That was before the series come out, last week? Here’s the thing and word that you need to get to know and learn.



Learn to pronounce


  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”a basic algorithm for division”

When you constantly talk, write or click onto something, it will come up all the time. I have no respect for a certain “reality tv family” and never have. Yet, they rarely come up in my news feeds. The one time they did was when people keep acting like they played no part no in Ye’s downfall. Yet, until last year, NONE of them had problem joining in with him.

I have no problem with Harry and Meghan, I don’t actually understand why a lot of people seem to hate them so much. Even so, all the stories I ever see are always negative. I mean I do, but I don’t. Since I don’t mind them though, I am constantly having to see the negative media. I started to to say click on that I’m not interested, because I wasn’t. Also, I sat there thinking “H and M, Diana’s son and his American wife, really don’t care about what a bunch of nobodies are saying in the media”.

They are not reading it. The media especially in the UK, are WAY too saturating it in hate and negativity. If you don’t want to watch it…Don’t, simple. The UK media were blaming Meghan for the situation with Lady Hussey. Which was another overblown situation. Something was said, she apologised and retired (probably because she’s 83 and realised she might as well).

The Royal Family DO need to catch up with the times. As for the UK media, what a toxic bunch. It’s not even with JUST Harry and Meghan, it’s with every aspect of UK living. Trans rights, Education, “Illegal” Immigrants. I just saw Kay Burley say and I quote “Teachers haven’t taught for over two years, why should they get a rise?”.

I remember a time when people HATED the Royal Family for what it “did” to Diana. I remember the UK media being horrid towards Diana. I am pretty sure that Harry does too. What short memories some have.

Prince Philip Did Not Want the Flag Lowered Over Buckingham Palace for Princess Diana

You have to be VERY careful that you’re not getting caught up in an negative algorithm, it is really easy too do. I am not watching the H and M documentary until after the hype, and then make my own decisions.

I declare, in the run to the new year…Too be as positive as I can, for all our sanity.

Just do it!

I was reading an article that said people were mocking Jessica Simpson for wearing heels on a beach.

Did they look a little odd? Yes…Do I care? Not really, lol. When I looked at the photo itself, it looked like she might actually be posing for something. There’s something written in the sand behind her, also JS has her own shoe/clothing company. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see those soon.

Also, I say, go for it! It would be pretty hard too walk in them, on the sand. But, hey, you only live once. Also I am like really certain she’s advertising them. She seems to be on a hard part in the sand, if you look.

If you want to wear heels in the sand, GO FOR IT! It’s like, what’s the point of keeping the nice china, just in case the Pope or the Queen pop around for tea.

Also Happy Day to Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s birthday,)…Sending you much love ❤ ❤ ❤ You got to live more than once.

So the twitter ban continues

I have added a lot of things, like this past weekend there were a lot of Minions McDonalds Happy Meal boxes around, which made me laugh. Like a lot. Honestly, it has been good. The more time that goes on, I swear, the better mental health I feel.

I still get little highlights a couple of times a day. And it makes me incredibly grateful, lol. Because it’s all so stupid, like the TERFs fight amongst each other. The Tories, except one minister, are throwing trans people under the bus on Twitter. Despite, the public obviously supporting trans people. Not sorry, but Rowling is one billionaire, she does not represent the average person. Let alone the gay community.

The amount of reading I’ve been doing too, it’s been great!

However, I wanted to write about today and great “Happy Birthday” to E. B. White, author to books such as Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan.

Oh my goodness, how lovely would it be to be dead and people are still celebrating your birthday all these years later. People still celebrate that you lived. It really is incredible. No wonder people feel that “allure”, it’s almost like you live on, eternally.

Also, did you know that E.B. White co wrote a book called “Is Sex Necessary? Or, Why You Feel the Way You Do”.

It actually sounds like it be quiet funny. Has anyone here read it?

Some nice things…

My topics this week, have been pretty intense this week and the annoying thing is, I am feeling really well. Apart from the anxiety attack I had last Thursday at work, I’ve actually been surprisingly well.

Let’s bring it down a notch, and talk about some positive things for this week:

  • As I mentioned earlier in the week, despite the transphobia throughout the UK. Despite Brexit, despite the BBC and the Tories. At least 4 people elected were trans people, and the people who were overtly transphobic lost their seats.
  • I can’t tell a lie, I have no problem with the public showing up to the SC’ houses. After the SC’s want to take THE PEOPLE’s privacy away. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
  • I know now how to handle my anxiety at work, if it should happen. Got my bags I take to work, all prepared!
  • Although it is kind of sad, it’s nice to see that Rowling is running out of options. She can’t keep attacking trans people the way she wants.
  • My partner helped me make dinner, lol
  • The new Dr for Doctor Who has been announced =D
  • I purchased all these with my birthday money =D


Selfie Positivity

I recently read a “news” story about (you’ve probably seen it before), about selfish “social influencers”. Taking stupid life-risking selfies for a “shot”.

What I would love to hear about, is maybe let us know what do you think is either your most POSITIVE selfie, or maybe tell us about someone you actually know that is a social media positive influence on yourself? I would LOVE to know!

I am trying to find some more positive social influences, they have to be out there.