Sod Off

I think the last few days have really shown how terrible things are.

Let’s get some things off our chests.

I am having a really good time telling people to sod off. You should all try it.

I personally am over the whole having to be polite to people, lol. Like REALLY over it. We were talking about how actual feminists want body autonomy where as TERFs say they want it, but what they really want is too control, like the patriarchy.

This male decided to butt his nose in and started complaining about how come we don’t fight against male circumcision’s. Then started to whine about how we didn’t protect the people who choose not to get the “experimental vaccines” and were treated like there was something wrong with them.

One, males started male circumcisions, you stop it. People who can get pregnant, are about to lose their rights for their bodies. He seriously wants us to drop that, so we fight against something that the patriarchy started themselves. Sod off. Go do it yourself. Two, people could choose to have the vaccine or not. The vaccine for COVID. You know, that virus that’s STILL going around killing people and leaving people with long term effects.

Abortions and trying to protect yourself from a virus, are two VERY different situations.

Sod Off, Sod Off, Sod Off, haha


I am pretty over being told that I have to be polite to bigots, and people who for two years now don’t care if I die, or anyone I love or like dies either. You know when I see someone say that now, I ask “how’s it going for you”?

Look, if I think someone is talking to me in good faith, I can’t be pleasant enough. Facts are these days with the lack of accountability, people just don’t care. The people who do care, already do care. There’s a saying that when some people I talk too, who already “get it”. You say that you’re “preaching to the converted”.

I just recently got someone kicked off of Twitter for saying and I quote “they hope attacks against trans people increases”. Does that sound like someone whose going to change their mind if I’m polite too them? How does someone like exist on Twitter? Because until that day, I didn’t know they existed. =D

There’s a lot of people who ask me why an Aunts family keep doing what they do. It’s simple, no one SAYS anything too them. Every time my mum comes back from a night with them. She always says “they’re so weird and stupid and wrong” and I ask her “Well what did you say to them”.

Nothing…Again, but yet people cannot figure out WHY my Aunts family is so weird and stupid and always wrong. You don’t need to be a Scientist to figure that one out. Why would they think they’re weird and stupid and always wrong, when everyone treats them like their right. That’s just stupid, lol

You’d think after Trump…

After COVID, Rittenhouse, after George Floyd and BLM, more people would understand that you CAN’T change a bigots mind.

Doesn’t matter how polite you are, or how rude you are. You just can’t. There are just to many platforms, and powerful people with the resources to stop, but they choose not to get involved, or they just sit back and let it flourish.

It’s like that saying, you earn respect, it’s just not given to you. That’s how I choose to see bigots. If you choose to constantly spread lies, propaganda and misinformation about groups, and no one does anything to stop it. Me being “polite” wont change that, lol. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to be polite to these bigots. Now I have seen these people be polite to bigots, and what happens? Nothing, absolutely nothing. They don’t change their minds, they just use your own posts to spread their bigotry’s further.

Let me put it into a simple perspective. We began to realise that people like Trump and Rowling were getting “We loves you”, at least every 5 minutes, whenever they tweeted something on Twitter sometimes it would be every two minutes. TWO people are getting “I love yous” said to them, more in ONE tweet, than most people will hear during an entire life time. You think they’re going to “change their minds” to eradicate groups of people with that aphrodisiac? You have to be a VERY self-confident person to reject that, and bigots are not. That’s why their bigots, they fear easily.

Did I do the right thing?

I’ve been trying to keep my posts pretty positive this Christmas week, but I just wanted some advice on whether or not, I did the right thing.

I left my Guild in Guild Wars 2. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the fires in Australia? With everything that’s going on everywhere else, I wouldn’t be surprised.

However, there was one night on our Guild chat area, we were talking about the lack of sympathy or empathy that our Australian politicians seem to have regarding these Fires. Especially our own Prime Minister. He took for a family holidays, 5 firies have now died. 10 year old children, whose houses have been burnt down. Peacefully protesting, are getting threatened with arrest from the police. I am absolutely disgusted by the people in charge. I know that Discord chats are not always the best place to have political type discussions. But it was nice to see people stand up for Australia, through such a really rough time.

The next morning I woke up and let my cat out and I could smell smoke. Considering the only time of year I’ve smelt smoke where I live is during Winter, with our neighbours open fireplaces. It was a pretty scary moment. So I went on to thank the people, for standing up for Australia, just to find that all the comments had been deleted.

The only explanation that we got is that one of the moderators didn’t want to see that “shit” Too keep politics private, that politicians can’t do anything anyway. Fires are fires, no one can do anything.

Now I get, politics can get annoying. But this was literally the first time that I had ever seen this stuff talked about on there. I thought it was a little extreme to not only play off what we were talking about as “annoying”, but I couldn’t even then thank the people I had been talking about it with the night before. But to DELETE the comments! Nope, that was a step too far. People are on there talk about their anxiety, how they can’t sleep and that sets me off. But you know, I don’t complain about it. Sometimes you just need to know someone cares.

So I said “I came on today to say thank you to those who stood up for Australia last night. I know it’s easy to ignore when there’s no smoke or smell of fire right outside your door. I would have thanked them privately but the comments have been deleted.”

Then I started to leave my Guild.

Did I do the right thing?

I just knew if I said anymore, if I stayed around. I would going to say something not actually nice.

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I just caught the end of the reality tv show “Second Wives Club”. I wasn’t trying to watch it, it was literally the last ten minutes. In the episode “Tania” just shows up to an event that she did not RSVP too and got all stroppy with the host because she “didn’t need to RSVP” and it was “stupid” that she wasn’t allowed to just come in.

It did make me think though how many or little people, depending how you look at it. How people just don’t think they need to RSVP these days. I hear all the time people who are getting married, people just don’t RSVP to the receptions or the ceremony.

What is up with that?

Stand Up for Yourself (It’s okay)

I have been volunteering at the Library I am currently volunteering at for nearly two years now and I just found out recently that another whole group of my classmates were hired for actual casual work within this Library, even though they came after me.

This was probably the 5th group of casuals that have been hired since I started volunteering there. As you can imagine this was the last straw for me.

So this time instead of “letting it go” I decided to ask them if there was anything that they could tell me, were they able to give me some honest feedback? According to them I’m not doing anything wrong (they would have let me know by now if I was) I just hadn’t sent in my application in again since March. Which I’m struggling a little with since I sent them an updated resume in December, when I obtained my new employment…But whatever…

The reason for this Blog today is though, I was completely pleasant while making noise and making sure that they know that I am there and I will not be ignored and I will not be going away. With no need to be aggressive.

So stand up for yourself, if it’s something that you want (in my case working in this Library would be the ultimate career and the ultimate work location too) go for it! Sometimes they may genuinely not know that you are even there! You don’t need to be aggressive or nasty, but go for it!

Stand Up and make some noise! Let them know that you are there!