Share Your World 29-7-19

Share Your World – 7-29-19

Share Your World


(the last two are courtesy of Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith)
  • Is it wrong to sell store-bought pastries at a bake sale?

I would say if it wasn’t for the fact, that if I was involved, I would probably end up doing this myself as well.

  • Have you ever interacted with the police?

I actually have, I just remembered, but as a victim. That was quiet a few years ago now. It was a really interesting experience. Basically, I got attacked on a bus, got off the bus, walked home, mum was on the phone, waited till she got off and then burst into tears. She was all like “Lauren, I would have gotten off the phone”. The police were so nice as well. Actually while we were talking to the police, they had a call come through with the exact description of my…perp. So they obviously continued on, but I was never called to go to court or anything.

  • What will you remember most about this past year (this question will show up again, in late December, just FYI)

There’s a few things this year, and so far all pretty. Nothing to bad. The worst that’s happened is that my partners father developed another clot, BUT he was close to a hospital, so he’s fine now. So far this…Oh wait…What am I talking about? I nearly lost my puppy this year! I mean I like my partners father, but this my puppy (of about 13 years old). That seems forever ago now. Even though I’m starting to move out, she’s the main reason I don’t mind travelling far to work. We are lucky to still have her. So although she lives with my mum, sometimes for work I stay with my mum, so I don’t have to travel so far. She’s my little ray of light. Now I’m crying at work, remembering all this,lol

Pippy Loo

  • Is it better to have fungus on your toes, your tongue, or your pizza?

I wonder how others have answered. I would rather have fungus on my toes. Pizza, that’s just gross. Tongue, that would probably feel as icky as the pizza. But toes, toes, I think I could cope with…Just.

  • What is one slang word that makes your skin crawl?

As an Australian, we have many! The one that makes me shiver is “budgie smuggles” It’s another word for speedos.


Music Festivals and Drugs

You might have heard of Music Festivals complaining that added charges to tickets are running them out of business. Now these added charges, are being added to supply for more police, sniffer dogs etc, as we are consistently having our young Australians die from drug overdoses.

I feel like the police would never win in this situation. There would be complaints if they weren’t there more and then there’ll be complaints if they are there. What about the drug dealers though? I don’t see people really complaining that? Where are these people coming from anyway? I’ve been to a couple of music festivals and I never encountered one, so I’m wondering if these people who overdosed already knew the people? I’ve known people who do drugs, who go to these festivals and they may have done them before they’ve gone in, but I’ve never been offered them. Adelaide is not that big of a town.

What about yourselves? Would you want a increase of police or not?


I just wanted to start off with saying that I actually had another post ready to go today, but there is no way that I can post that post and ignore what’s going on in Dallas and the bad situation over there.

So much is wrong with this whole situation and I would be shocked to find anyone who didn’t see something like this coming. There’s only so much people should have to live with, no one should feel unsafe in their own car, in their own home, in their own neighbourhood.

I am very lucky living in Australia, and here “Down Under” I feel safe and it feels partly wrong to write about another country. In some ways though, I also feel like we all live on this planet together and there are just sometimes where you have to stand shoulder to shoulder with others, even if it’s just metaphorically speaking.

So my thoughts are with Dallas tonight and I HOPE that we all learn from this.

Do you think Charlie Chaplin would have had any clue how poignant his words would still be today? I am crying.