World Polar Bear

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We have probably all seen the horrific images of those starving polar bears, heartbreaking. Although those images are our reality, I wanted to try and keep it a little light. I am usually against trying to humanise animals, but maybe if we did…People might care more?

Adopt a polar bear – WWF

What are some things though you may not know about the polar bear?

  • While climate change is affecting polar bear. It’s is mainly humans destroying their habitats, making room for more oiling and drilling, that is truly killing them off. Contact with oil spills can reduce the insulating effect of a bear’s fur requiring them to use more energy to get warm, and can poison them if ingested
  • Grizzy-Polar Hybrids exist. Aso known as ‘grolar bears’ or ‘pizzly bears
  • Scientists can extract polar bear DNA from their footprints.
  • Although they are “bears”, Polar Bears are considered aqua animals as well, because of their dependence on so much from the sea.
  • Cubs are usually born from November to February, and will nurse for about two and a half years.

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