Trumptar Logic 11

Minorities who like Trump …

Not being able to answer what he’s done that outweighs the bad that he’s done…Other than #Blexit which is taken from #Brexit, a European thing and then getting all offended that we’re calling them “acting white”.

It’s very confusing. There is no logic to it. You take away that they keep calling “Democrats – The party of hate”. They have nothing else. I’ve gotten into “discussions” with people who go on about how Trump is “Pro-Gay, and I can’t prove that he’s not”…Which I obviously could…People of Colour who can’t answer WHY they like him.

I have literally become friends with people who are thinking the same things. Like it’s some big mystery that Trump has done something amazing and that the rest of us are all not allowed in on the big secret.

This is why people kneel…

Why aren’t they investigating the police officer who murdered this man?

Elon Musk Smokes Weed

I guess Elon Mush deserves to be murdered now? Why is there silence from Fox about that?

White People! Yo!

I keep seeing all these Repbulicans white folks suddenly agreeing with a African american (ie Kanye West) who has clearly lost his mind.

Unless we are with African Americans and POC in general, then we just need to shut up! I know, I know…Freedom of Speech and all that…But we do not understand at all. We need to listen.

I have literally gotten into SO many arguments lately over really stupid things and I am so annoyed with myself I got involved.

  • The first was the NRA advertising a gun that looks like a cell phone. In this particular post, the headline picture was of an actual gun. Of course the 2A “defenders” were saying that Liberals are stupid…That’s what they got out of the article…So I told them to look up Stephon Clark and they should be ashamed of themselves trying to #whataboutism from the actual topic.
  • The second argument I got into was about the new Obama’s Netflix Documentary. How all these people are cancelling their Netflix accounts (a big whoopdie do) All these white folks saying how they can’t wait for Obama to be arrested…For what? I’m not exactly sure, since they still have not been able to answer us. Far as I know, Obama is not being currently investigated for anything and hasn’t been charged with anything. Kind of hard to get arrested (although it is America…no offence) for not doing anything.
  • The third argument I was getting into was about Trump and how he’s not a racist. The funny thing was when the Trump supporter brought up Melania…He called her Melanie, just like Donald…He has so much respect for Melania, he can’t even get her name right! I didn’t even realise until a couple of comments in.

I have to stop “arguing” with these morons,lol