This or That #42


This or That #42

Which of these is worse….

Not liking the main character in a story


Not liking the plot of the story

I think that not liking the plot of a story can be much worse than not liking a main character of a book. Even sometimes when I’ve not liked a particular character in a book, I have enjoyed the story and sometimes some of the other characters make up for the “lack of character” of a main character. Then again I don’t think I’ve ever really read a book where there’s only been one character in the whole book.

I have a read book where I was not enjoying the plot or theme of the book, it felt a little to close to home, and I had to stop reading it, and I have not read it since. I can even read characters that I don’t necessarily like but it has nothing to do with the writing of the character. Sometimes the most horrible characters who do horrible things are beautifully written.

This or That #34


This or That #34

OTP (one true pair)


Love triangles

This seems relatively simple for me because love triangles tend to end up annoying me a lot. Mainly because during a book or series I end up really liking one particular pairing and sometimes love triangles end up really annoying me. For example, there have been a couple of series where the girl has flip flopped between two characters and sometimes I have felt like it has taken away from the story and the action of the plot line.

A great example of this is actually throughout one of my favourite series The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare) is a perfect example of a love triangle can nearly ruin the book. I love the series, I read it every year, except for the end. I don’t like how the ending took away from a really good and loving relationship and a great story and I don’t even understand why it ended the way it did.

The Birds

The Birds

For the first time watching “The Birds”…This movie makes no sense!lol…They stay outside all the time “Oh we heard an explosions, miles away, we should go outside…Were the birds are” But then they don’t want to leave because the birds are massing outside…Even though they’ve pretty much spent the entire time outside up until that point.

They deserved to die…I’m just saying,lol…”Oh I need to take her to the hospital”…No, you REALLY don’t,lol.

What was with the ending?! They drove off to the hospital (even though she really didn’t need to go) and it just ended! Apart from maybe one scene (where for some reason she decided to go into a room that she knew was full of birds, putting every bodies life at risk) where she was nearly eaten alive by the Birds, this just felt like the plot was really weak. I have no idea why this is such a classic film.