Do I really? Like really?

God, I am over the human race, not you all, just the other ones, haha.

I sometimes use Facebook still, one of the big reasons I use it is for the missing pet/animals pages. They are actually really amazingly useful.

And yet, people are still judgmental a-holes on there, thinking they can just say whatever it is that they want.

There’s a cat who went missing, and the cat is not de-sexed, which is too most people a big no-no. However, it came out that the owner is a breeder. Well, of course grown women had made judgements. But it went for over a day, whether these “people” or not, believed that the owner is a breeder or not. It had nothing to do with the missing cat. And no matter how many times I pointed out what they were doing wrong, they didn’t care.

One person literally said, and I quote “We’re just taking a look at all the facts before us”…THE FACTS BEFORE YOU??? This is a missing cats page, unless it is facts about the missing cat. No other information is needed. Like literally. If you HAVE a problem contact the local breeders in the area. Contact the council.

Like…what are you doing?

I know I was taking it a little personally, but holy moley, who does that??!!!

One person started going on about how if the owner was TRULY a breeder, you wouldn’t let such an expensive cat, escape! It’s called life, and shit happens every day. Again, it’s called a missing cats page, because cats go missing. Because I love Maine Coon cats, I have looked into what a breeder would expect from a purchaser of one (there’s a whole contract) They expect to be able to look over your property, to make sure it’s hard for a cat to escape. In these contracts though, you are expected to notify them if your Maine Coon cat goes missing. It happens!


Some thoughts, about the kitty

I have been getting myself in a bit of a tizzy about the kitty. I have been crying randomly on and off, but it’s been different from my chihuahua. I feel the same gaping hole of something missing, but I’ve been feeling ill telling others about the kitty, whereas I did not have the feeling about the Chihuahua. I’ve been waking up with the puffy eyes, but it’s been different.

So I thought about it, because I don’t feel like I loved one more than the other. I thought maybe it’s because he’s technically my partners cat.

I sat there and I thought about it.

The closest I can think of in my grief, is that the biggest difference was that Chihuahua was a family dog, like she got on well with other humans. But she only really loved her family. Whereas Travie, not a cuddly cat, very independent, but he was loved by everyone. The neighbours loved him, they all helped look for him, the vets loved him. Even though he was not cuddly and he didn’t really like anyone apart from his family, and he was very independent, he was a special little fellow.

He has his own Instagram account for a start, lol. Even though he was very independent and he was not a cuddly cat, he didn’t cause problems in the neighborhood either. He didn’t kill any of the birds or other animals, it was always another cat who did that. The birds would swoop him and he’d play with them, but he never hurt them, they hurt him more than the other way around, lol.

It’s like my brother said, and he’s not always the most emotionally adapted person, lol. Even at the end of the same text message, he said “You could now get a little dog” lol. But like my brother said to begin with, “He’s lived a bloody good life with two humans who loved him more than most cats gets to be loved. A very happy lucky boy”.

I will love and miss you forever my little man ❤ ❤ ❤

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July 4th

I’m writing this now, because I feel like it’s important to get this out there while there is still time…Just a little friendly reminder before the big festivities.

Whether you are planning to go out or not for July 4th celebrations. Remember to make sure your pets, whether they be furry, scaly or feathery, are protected against the fireworks. Especially if you are going out. Before you leave, make sure animals are inside the house. Make sure that gates are secure. You’d be surprised with how strong any kind of animal can get when they are scared.

Protect Schitts Creek GIF by CBC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Prepare Early.

The problem I find are is that a lot of people letting off fireworks. Let them off a lot earlier than is allowed, and a lot later than allowed. Not too many people keep fireworks going off at the designated times. Other than where there are community festivals. I’ve found that every year, the biggest complaints I have seen. Are because people are letting fireworks off when they shouldn’t be letting them. Either it can be the day before or continue till the day after. So it’s best to be prepared early. Too not assume that people think of others.

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Some tips:

  • Try to keep everything normal
  • Keep all animals indoors, even cats.
  • If you can move horses somewhere safer, do.
  • Be aware that a frightened animal, can be likely to bolt and cause harm to themselves. Be aware of sharp objects.
  • Make sure that animals are micro-chipped and have a tag or collar on them. Make sure contact details are up to date.
  • If possible make sure someone else can take care of your pets, if you plan to head out.

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Last year some people actually got together and instead of going out. They decided to go to the animal shelters and help to take care of dogs. In cramped small cages, they called themselves the Calming Companions. 

California Fires…continue…

This has been a rough year for wildfires here in Southern California and throughout much of the western United States. A few weeks ago, the Border Fire destroyed over 7,600 acres in southeast San Diego County. Fires can be devastating for both people and their pets. While it’s always important to have a disaster preparedness […]

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Dr. Dolittle

So my thoughts are with Houston and just Texas in general. I just wanted to also say how it warms my heart to see so many people not only taking their pets with them, but to see people helping to save the wildlife around the areas too.

I just can’t believe the people that tied up their pets, or left them in paddocks with the gates locked?!

If you HAVE to leave your animals behind, DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT TIE THEM UP! Let them loose! It’s not only completely inhuman and cruel but it also actually ILLEGAL to tie your animals up during extreme weather in Texas.

One Texas police department issued a stern warning on Facebook, after witnessing some dogs left chained outside homes. It explained that the Roman Forest Police Department’s chief had witnessed a chained dog drown during a past flooding.

7 Random Things

I decided that I was going to try and focus on good things this week, so I thought that I’d start the week with focusing on 7 random things that I enjoy or make me happy. If you feel like sharing random things with us or what to do this yourself, please feel free to do as well, or if you share my happiness for the randomness, please share!

  1. Since I am hungry as I write this, it’d be a good idea to share with you a food that I love to combine. During Winter I love to combine mac and cheese with instant noodles (those noodles that take about 5 minutes to cook). It’s soooo good, probably extremely unhealthy though.
  2. So something I have learnt with social media, apart from not reading the comments. Check the “likes” instead…You will usually find that the positive out-ways the negative. So now I check those first =D There’s a lot of “love” emoticon out there!
  3. I LOVE fan made YouTube videos, especially when they make videos of couples that I really like together, or had never thought about before!
  4. I really enjoy having Fridays off, it’s an odd thing. I can work on a Saturday or Sunday and not “enjoy it” per-say but I’d rather have the Friday off. I just seem to get so much done, Whereas on the weekend I tend to have a habit, if I don’t have anything to do, I sit all day pretty much.
  5. I don’t actually like Family Guy. Other than Brian and Stewie, I could watch a show with just them in it.
  6. When I was younger I had three pet rats, Grezelda, Annie and Lucy. Annie and Lucy were sisters and we originally only got Lucy, but then she “disappeared” after a week. After about another week we went back, got her sister Annie, and I kid you not only about an hour after we got home, we found Lucy -.- With her rat food all stored in a pile, she must have been going back and forth during the night and getting in and out of the cage.
  7. I am a procrastinator, but something that I am even worse at is this. If there’s something I actually want to do, but other people keep bugging me to do it, I instantly go off of it. By bugging I mean, just ALWAYS.



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