Can’t believe

I am about to say this, but thank you too Brie Schmidt for writing this article.

Royal Expert Explains Why King Charles’ Latest Role Should Have Been Given To Prince Andrew

I will start off by saying, I totally disagree with the “Royal Expert”…You know something though? At LEAST this Royal Expert remembered that Andrew is kind of a working Royal still.

All freaking day, all the articles were about how “Harry and Meghan would be furious with this snub”. Since 2020, Harry and Meghan have not been part of the Royal Working Family. So, how can one be snubbed from something they’re not apart of? Of course all those “Royal Experts” were on GB Morning, which is the UKs Fox news.

It drives me really nuts sometimes. It’s like the same with trans people, just leave them alone…Like, geeze!


Well! lol


I am clearly not paying attention to my scheduling.

What a mid term that is/was…Some places it’s not over yet.


This is all an opinion, and from an Australian perspective.

Overall, and at the time I am writing this (South Australian time Thursday 9/11/2022 9:34pm) I am happy, but not like ecstatic. There are no waves either way, the Democrats have done well, apparently the best mid-term for any Democratic President.

I get Florida, but if you have to cheat to win, have you won? Really? That’s the only comfort I’m taking about that.

The one that got me the most was Herschel Walker, how ANYONE can vote for him. Is beyond me! At this point I don’t know if he’s going to win or not. BUT, the closeness should not be! The paid for abortions is not even what’s getting too me. It’s that Warnock has dedicated his entire life to the Church. An actual CHURCH person. All because Walker has (R) next to his name. That is pathetic. That one situation demonstrates a huge reason why America is the way it is.

Apart from like the gerrymandering, voting terrible human beings in, lol

So the good news, I am SO happy that Fetterman won! And against a “Dr”. Fetterman absolutely deserved that win.

I am going to be honest with you folks. I actually went off Stacy Abram. She made a post about protecting the police more. I don’t know if it was just a “political” move, but neither do I care. Don’t do that!

Overall happy, but it showed WHY too many flaws about the whole American voting system.

And apparently, more of Gen Z voted, and they, by majority, voted Democrats. No wonder “boomers” detest them so much.

Thursday Theories – Too parents, in the run up too 2022 and COVID/Omnicron

Now, I may be stepping on a few toes, but I not being a parent of skin babies. I am growing increasingly frustrated, by parents who make every frustration about COVID.

I have seen parents say that their child is frightened by COVID. Well whose bloody fault is that?! The only reason a child is frightened by something, is by parents. These parents COULD take the time to teach their child, about taking care of each other…But nope. I’ve seen politicians with young children, taking their child to a playground, when they know perfectly well that playground’s are OFF limits. Takes a photo of their children and saying how said their kid is because the playground is off limits.

It never works out well for them.

I have seen parents, make a child’s birthday entirely about the restrictions. “Oh how annoying, we had to get eat birthday cake outside”…For the love of GOD, please do not make a 13 year old’s birthday all about that! I actually make a comment saying that if they had fun, no biggie.

Just before Christmas, maybe not even a week. Tasmania had 4 children died, from a freak accident. A bouncy castle took off with the crazy winds we just had here. Be a little bit more than grateful you’re child is alive, healthy and safe. If you don’t have a good perspective, be grateful that others are looking out for yours.

A 4-year-old girl died with COVID-19 hours after showing symptoms in an extremely rare case in Texas

Jumping castle tragedy in Tasmania claims sixth victim, as survivor visits Hillcrest school site

Be a little grateful, is all I’m saying.

I do blame social media

I do blame it for a lot of the problems in today’s world.

You can’t someone like Jack from Twitter say we’re going to really crack down on bullying and then just keep letting the POTUS continually a 16 year old girl, because she knows how to handle herself.

Spending the last few days, nearly a whole week off of social media, because of just not being able to access it. It’s been really nice, I cannot tell a lie. I’ve been taking photos and things, writing ideas down for blogging. Generally though, it’s been quiet. The first time I came back on, it was alright too. I just had a lot of dog on my Instagram feed. Then the next time, that’s when it started to get back into again.

When I came back on as well, I noticed that the same people I had left behind had been on over the entire Christmas days. I felt sad for them, and pretty sorry as well. I think it’s kind of sad that they’d rather go and follow people they don’t like, to “argue” with people they don’t know, over Christmas.

I’m not Religious, I’m more spiritual than anything. So I’m not into the whole celebrating Jesus’s birthday. I love just being with family and spending time with them…Getting the gifts, don’t hurt either. This was the also the first year I didn’t speak to my Dad over Christmas, but that was okay too. Even my Mum had to block my Dad in the end as well. She was the one who felt sorry for him, until he insulted her parents. Her parents (my grandparents), her father is Dad and her mum is still alive. But no matter their faults, they are definitely a world better than my Dads parents, their Dad beat up my Dads twin brother. Too the point, he was nearly dead. All because my Dads dad, didn’t believe his own son has tourette’s.

It’s like my cousin said today, the internet is a great tool, but it has really exposed a lot of faults in our world. Especially with human beings.

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I guess this goes on from the outrage about Justin Bieber calling Chris Brown “legendary”.

Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and even Justin Bieber. All seen as “wholesome” despite their violence, their clear ignorance, (probable paedophile) or being very shady and being apologist for violent people…All do pop family friend music. Yet, 2Pac would have been the one hounded all the time by the police because he was a rapper.

2Pac didn’t do any of that…Yet, we look at the life of a rapper as being something not to aspire too…You know, at least you know what you’re getting with fellow rappers. (So proper of me,lol)


It’s getting closer to my Birthday and I anticipate one or two things maybe Harley Quinn related…I am a massive fan of Harley Quinn, mainly original Harley…

The thing is though a lot of people think because I like Harley Quinn, then I must love her relationship with the Joker…and I actually detest it

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…It’s a completely abusive relationship.

Harley Quinn, too me, is a crazy gal, who just wants to be love and accepted…and she LOVES her “babies” (Bud and Lou)…Those moments where she feels betrayed by the Joker and she tries to be a “good guy” but no one really lets her. I feel like that sometimes, I feel like I’m doing the right thing, but others make me feel bad for doing it…Only difference is I don’t go to the dark side.

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An Interesting Perspective

I saw this article over the weekend and I thought that it was definitely an interesting perspective and kind of one I agree with (please read it first) and then discuss it.

Why I love J.K. Rowling (and wish she’d stop writing sequels)

I can completely understand how the writer has this point of view. It’s like the way that I feel with JRR Tolkien and his son writing books, and trying to continue the series. JRR Tolkien’s son books just do not have the same appeal too me as the ones that Tolkien wrote himself.

For me more personally as well I don’t like when she randomly comes out with “Oh no, the character is this, or the this character is that” Then the Potterheads gets on anyone’s case who doesn’t think of a character like that. That’s the thing that’s supposed to be about books and people’s imaginations, it’s all a very personal thing. I do respect that Rowling will speak out on important matters.

This or That #44

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This or That #44

This week I want to know if you prefer reading books that are in:

A single character’s perspective


Multiple perspectives

 One of my favourites author is Jodi Picoult and I think that pretty much every single one of her books has each characters point of view. I love the notion you can get all points of view, which means you can see all parts of the story. Even with the characters that are deemed the “villain” at the start of the story, you start reading it from their point of view and you feel, sometimes, sorry for them and see they are the victims of a much larger scheme.

So I would have to say that I enjoy a multiple perspective story. Although the only downside really is that, depending on the writer, the story can get confusing. I have noticed that with Jodi Picoult books, depending which which character they are focusing on at the time. They will write that particular character in a specific font. They are written in chapters, but with each characters “chapter” comes a specific font.