You Cant Ask That

I think I have talked about this show before? Anywho, we have a show on our channel called SBS called “You Cant Ask That” and they have some seriously interesting topics. They have talked too:

  • Sex workers
  • Trans gender people
  • Dwarfism/Little People

But what caught my attention was the show about cheaters, because I knew one of the people. Although I have never cheated and personally I’d rather break up with someone than cheat. After listening to her, I totally got it. The funny thing was, I was “closer” to her now ex, than I was too her. But, I never liked her ex either, lol.

One question that was asked was had the cheaters been forgiven by their former partners? They all had, except for her. Which totally did not shock me. Like I said I never liked him. I became “friends” with him because of who I was dating. After that guy and I broke up, I never dated another guy from that group ever again, for those reasons. They’re fine as a friend and drinking buddies, but as romantic interests. They have a MASSIVE ego, with no good reason as to why.

I had crushes on a couple of others, but it never worked out. Which NOW, I am so glad of. Just to give you a bit of an idea of what they’ve done over the years.

*One married guy, was clearly have a full on physical affair. Or at least an emotional affair. With, quiet honestly a loser. I got the appeal, but I didn’t get the appeal either. His now ex-wife is utterly gorgeous, smart and really brave.

*This same girl, started to date one of his best friends. They broke up. She started dating another friend of her ex’s, still in the same group as the married guy. When she broke up with that guy, she became friends with her then ex. But not the two guys, who were actual friends first. I don’t know what happened with the married guy in that time.

*Her brother is also an arrogant wanker. Not only did he say that we would eventually sleep together. Which, I don’t do that. That’s more likely to make me want to sleep with you LESS. He also said of his sister and his married friend. That although he loves this guy like a brother, he only likes girls who can’t think for themselves. I’m sitting there shocked, because like, well, the married guy like this guys sister.

*She’s now married to a completely different guy, and none of them are friends anymore. These guys were all in their 30’s when their friendships ended, and had known each other since high school.

*Another guy would get himself involved with every other person’s breakups. But, one time, he went too far. Severing a friendship for a girl he didn’t even really know. He is also married. Apparently his actual friend had said it’s the girl he didn’t even know, or their friendship. He choose the girl. But THEN said for everyone else to vote on whether or not that was fair.

*But of course, the girl clearly has a crush on this guy. The married one. I swear, I get the feeling she’s staying single, for him. But all the guys love her.

These are two different married “men”, by the way.

*When my partner and I broke up, all his friends thought it’d be a good idea to rip on his new girlfriend. I like her. Clearly her taste in “men” is something that needs to be questioned, but I actually like her. She is really interesting. What they were calling ‘boring’ I call really interesting. If it wasn’t for my ex, her and I could totally be friends.

But, that also made me realise why that group is the way it is. As well as, those guys just can NOT be friends with girls. They just can’t.

Every single one of these wife’s, and now ex-wives, have deserved, and do deserve better than the way that they are treated.

It was so sad listening to her, because what she was saying. I totally believed every word she was saying. They are just a bunch of ego wankers. I always thought that their relationship was odd. They just never seemed to do anything together. He calls looking after his kids “baby-sitting”, which I cannot stand. She said a couple of things that made me laugh, because it totally sounded like this group, lol.



I think that I may have mentioned this before. I just feel though I wanted to reiterate. I’ve been so lucky with my birthday recently. I really do feel like taking out toxic people made a very big difference for my birthday this year. Usually my closest ex-friends, let me down. Not only that though I wanted to catch up with people because I’m trying to get more social again. It’s working too =D

Sometimes we just see an article, a song, a quote and it “clicks” and it all makes total sense. Your behaviour, someone else’s.

Have you ever come across something, a quote, a song, article, etc? That just clicked with you? Care to share?

A long weekend…

So it’s a long weekend here in the Down Under country and I have got a few things happenings this week, seeing people that I haven’t seen in quite a while. (Which had nothing to do with my previous relationship, I just haven’t seen these people all year).

However yesterday was the last time I have ever expected to “talk” (I use that term very loosely, very hard to have a conversation with someone who wont talk back) or see my ex ever again. There was one question that I needed an answer too and he did give it. I think though he’s answer didn’t really explain why he had started to treat me so badly AFTER we broke up. I have never before had to beg anyone to talk too me and I have never had to stop being friends with an ex so soon after we broke up. I have honestly been appalled and disgusted by my ex’s actions, but when people ask me why do I think he’s done it…All I can say is…I honestly don’t know.

What I can say though with 100% certainty is that it is on him and it is absolutely not a reflection on me or the type of person I am. I feel so happy about this. For 30 years I have struggled to feel good about myself and I can finally be at a place where I can say “Nope, it’s definitely you”lol…I am not a bad person and do not deserve to be treated as such, I might like you, but I like myself best =D