Right now, I am nearly a week into getting my wisdom teeth removed, and its not been at all what I expected.

I had the operation done on Wednesday and I still am feeling a little pain, I’m handling it a lot better, and still freaking out about eating rice or anything with coconut. Every day it gets a little easier. Then on Sunday, my leg started up as well. At least I can understand a little better what chronic pain is about.

I am not saying that my pain has been worst, or that I’ve never had empathy. Normally when I have pain in my leg, it’s normally only for a couple of days. It usually doesn’t impede my eating either.

Which is another thing, when I went to get weighed before my anesthesia, I’m 78 kilos! Which is 171lb! At the time, I’m like after this, I am losing weight! This week, hasn’t been a problem so far. I think my body is compensating for the pain, and so I can’t eat as much.

It really has been a fascinating week, although I can’t lie when I write that I am looking forward to less pain, and hopefully, the less eating will continue to happen. Although last night, I had baked beans on toast and a quick steam up pudding with custard, haha.

I just feel so silly though! All these horrible horrible things are happening everywhere, and I’m complaining about my jaw!