I am over it already

I’ve spent the last couple of days, going through Wedding stuff and the garden. We have a few people coming in to spend a couple of days mid January, and the backyard is a mess! A jungle of weeds, and I am a little annoyed at my partner, he’s had since mid-December to do something. We’re the only house with a bad looking garden, during Summer.

We look like total bogans!





  1. an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.”some bogans yelled at us from their cars”

I put up some plain white lights during Christmas, on the three large shrubbery’s that we don’t have to do much too, lol. I love to Garden, honestly. But I can never get right into it, because I work, lol. I told my partner when he bought this house, you can choose the big fancy house, I am not cleaning it, we will share in the cleaning.

I think he’s done it once in nearly three years. He needs to do the garden, show some pride in his own house that he wanted so much. I can’t complain that much, because he is the bread winner, but still.

I will, lol.

I am already over TERFs and wedding planning. I don’t think the TERFS took a day off on Christmas or New years. What a bunch of losers!

I am also starting to completely understand why some people turn into Bridezillas. I’ve only really “gotten into it” this week, and I am over it. I want it to be fun, but everyone is like annoying me, lol. My Dads still telling me who to invite, I have no control over what I want for a dress. We haven’t even spent a cent yet and my partners complaining about money already. I’ve only just written up my list of who I need to invite. Not all I want to even be there.

I am feeling very much like…

On top of which we have a new kitten, we haven’t even had him for a week yet! He is the cutest little sweetest thing, and I miss him while I’m at work. But he is a kitten. He’s only two and bit months, and so far he has chewed through my partners earphones. Although that my partners own fault, I kept telling him that he was chewing on them and he didn’t move them. I don’t know what he thought might happen.

I just wanted to have fun, honestly with the wedding preparation. I am planning on making a lot of the “stuff” myself. I am not feeling very “fun” at the moment. I am almost at the point where I am actually talking to my therapist about talking to people. I’m trying to figure out with them how to best to approach people.

People are literally texting me while I’m at work “h, have you invited these people”. I have written the list, and so far not making any adjustments. I’ve already had to include people I don’t want too inlue of people I want too. My partner only wants one groomsman, which is fine. But everyone’s like “What are YOU going to do Lauren”. What do you mean, what am I going to do? And my partner is not helping with “What if she doesn’t accept it”.


Sorry, but not

Isn’t life an odd thing? I was feeling really bad about something recently…Then when I starting to feel really bad about it, I was reminded why I didn’t. When I had cut that person off, and it was like “Oh, that’s right”.

There were so many things that we didn’t agree on, but when they took something of mine, it was a positive trans post and without even asking me, took my post and made into transphobia trash, That was it for me. When I heard something bad had happened to them, I felt initially bad for them. Then funnily enough, someone wrote something that reminded…Oh wait, yeah, they were trash.

I guess because, there were some aspects of them were alright. But ultimately, nope. And I guess because others did like them, I thought MAYBE something had changed, but then I saw what this person wrote and “NOPE”.

We keep getting stupider, lol

Oh my god, not all of us, obviously. We are completely getting stupider.

I am not going to go into too much information. But in Western Australia they decided to do the disastrously done task of sending juvenile offenders to stay with adults offenders. It’s been a disaster, obviously.

However, the article that I saw, I ended up creating an account just so I could report a lot of the comments on there. If being a heartless, soulless sociopath was arrestable. All of them, would have been. Anyways, I am not here to talk about that article and the truly terrible comments.

The comment that caught my eye and made me really LOL said and I quote “Well at least they can’t harm the tax payers anymore”.

What a bunch of idiots.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this story, because I find it utterly reprehensible that anyone would think it’s a good idea. You can only begin to imagine how bad it would be. On top of which, we don’t actually know what the juveniles even did. They were transferred because they wrecked their cells. Which I don’t get why they couldn’t just go and share with another juvenile offender. We don’t know though what their crimes are. And because they’re Indigenous juveniles too, they need to be handled differently.

What made me laugh about that comment though was. Do these people not understand, we still pay for jails and the people in them. These kids *warning here* have been trying to commit suicide. Whether or not you feel compassion for these juveniles, the tax payer is paying for their medical treatments, they might even possibly be getting therapy. Who do these people think pay for that? The Jail Fairy?

Which is why they also needs to be a bigger focus on rehab in prisons/jail. So people can be rehabbed, come back into society and THEN help “pay back” what they owe.

I am lucky

I am very lucky to be able to read a lot of the bloggers on here. One such blogger is very very…VERY “with it”.


Truth is only harsh if you’re unable to face it-Stewart Stafford.

The one from this list that really caught my eye, was number 31 and the one that I wish to talk about today.

Life is a mystery and you are not alone.7 billion people are living it without a clue about what happens next.

It reminded me that even with all my own stuff, there are other people out there, probably feeling very similar to how I am feeling right now. That we are just trying to muddle through, in our own ways. Some being more toxic than others, and then some trying help more than others.

Honestly, it makes me feel better than not everyone has got it together. Sometimes I feel like I do and that I do not. It feels weirdly comforting that we don’t all have it together. Some days we do and some days we don’t. I now know even people who don’t like me, do not have their stuff together. I signed onto LinkedIn the other day, after not being on it for months, I was bored during COVID. I discovered that my ex-best friend had looked at my profile, only three days prior.

That was funny. One that she couldn’t help her (she blocked me on FB) but also LinkedIn is a professional/working website. So it’s not an Insta or FB. The most exciting thing that’s on there, is…well, not much honestly. It’s a professional website, I’m not going to be putting my petty dramas on there, lol. I am not going to put if I’m married, or have children. I didn’t go and look at hers, because I don’t need too. It was just funny you know? lol

It’s a joke, right?

Did you know:

Harvey Weinstein lost 0 awards after he was arrested and jailed

Roman Polanski had to accept his last award from a different country. He has fled America, after a warrant is out for his arrest, for raping a minor.

In November 2017, Louis CK confirmed that a series of sexual misconduct allegations against him were true. He recently won a Grammy.

What a weekend! So many emotions right now. But this is how it started. With the “Academy” banning Will Smith for 10 years. I get what Will Smith did was wrong (despite my little glee about someone FINALLY getting what was coming). Violence is wrong.

You know what I find “funny”, the Hollywood Awards, the Governments, the mainstream media. They REALLY just don’t know the people.


One of the things that I REALLY love about Christmas is how much more people are willingly to donate or help others out. So I thought that I would post about a couple I’ve heard about or have donated too. This year and definitely more than other years, I’ve been donating. $5 dollars can make a lot of difference, especially if a lot of people do!

The first is for the animals, because who doesn’t love the animals.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The next is for the Rape Crisis Centers in Scotland. Now normally, I wouldn’t speak about just one rape crisis center. The way though the Centre was run OFF of social media by so called “concerned women”. It literally made me want to throw up. Especially when these “women” accused the Rape Centers of being on the wrong side of History. After though, people donated to them like you wouldn’t believe!

It made me believe in the GOOD in people again.

Just Giving Fundraiser – Brenna Jessie – 16 Swims for 16 Days.

One for the children. This was actually really hard to find, because a lot of charities that support children, have come under scrutiny for not supporting anyone who doesn’t fit their “criteria”.

I’ve gone with UNICEF, mainly because I don’t *think* I’ve heard of them being bad. How terrible is that? You might need to look at your local charities for the kids. In my state, in Australia, a lot of retail stores do what is called a “Christmas Wishing Tree”. Where you can either give a gift (has to be new or not ruined), donate money, or you can donate money to buy a gift to be put under the tree.

Share Your World – 02/17/2020

Share Your World – 17/02/2020

Share Your World


How can someone win a gold star (i.e. win your approval and/or admiration) with you?

Honestly, just being kind, and having some common sense these days. I have a post scheduled later today and I write about the insane day I just had. Kindness and Common sense just seem like such easy things to do, but they seem so difficult for a lot of people.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

To be honest, I might end up wasting it. I’m probably taking this to out of the box. If we all didn’t have to sleep, would there would places you could go at night? Kind of like New York, my town there’s not much to do at night.

Do you have a favourite type of exercise?

I love to dance. I try to do it as often as I can these days, mainly around the house. But still dancing.

Do you sleep with a top sheet? Why or why not?

Even during Summer sometimes I will sleep with a top sheet. I think that my body doesn’t regulate too well. A lot of the times in Australia a lot of people will either leave their air-conditioning, or they will put the fans on. I cannot begin to tell you how many times, IN SUMMER. I have had to put winter pjs on because it’s so cold! It’s ridiculous! I still think it’s how you get summer colds, going from one extreme temperature to another.


This is your space to write about anything you’d like.   I’m GRATEFUL for your participation in Share Your World, so there’s the “gratitude” hook.  

I am grateful that my readers on WordPress give me such sanity in a crazy world!

Nurture Thursday – People In Our Lives

Nurt Thursday – People in our lives

Sometimes people come and go, some stay longer than others. Not all will stay for a life time. Some you may never actually meet, but they are as close to your heart as family. Some are family and you want nothing to do with them. Take the time to learn a lesson for each person that comes into your life, even each customer. I truly believe we were supposed to meet them. Even the truly horrible ones. Actually, especially the horrible ones.

Share Your World…A free World

Share Your World

Share Your World…23-9-19


When was the last time you face palmed?   (for those who aren’t familiar with what that is, here’s a visual for you: )

Image result for face palm

I’m not sure. Mainly because I feel like it happens a lot these days,lol.

When is censorship warranted?  Ever?

The only times I can really think that censorship might be alright is when it involves protecting a child.

If there were commandments for the modern day world, what should (could, would) some of them be?  Get creative!

Be kind to each other.

I think that’s it really,lol

What did you Google last?

Chamomile Tablets. I just had this sudden thought that maybe they would help me better. Whenever I have chamomile tea, I feel instantly better. My anxiety lessens and I stress less. So why not the same with tablets? Wish me luck!

Gratitude is an Attitude:

This week I’m not asking for shares of things people are thankful for, I’m doing a re-blog and point to Beckie’s Mental Mess blog.    She’s started a whole ‘gratitude movement’ with her new weekly challenge:  “Pop of Positivity”.    Here’s a link to her first post in this effort:


You might want to check that out!  

Have a fabulous week!