John Oliver for 2016!

I have been trying to find a link to this video but all I can find are links to the video. This is amazing! I am sure that you have seen this meme “I’ve got a bowl of 10,000 M&M’s, 10 are poisoned. How many of you bleeding heart liberals are gonna grab a handful?

I am so sad that this week was the last for Last Week Tonight (YouTube Playlist) until February! John Oliver presents his show in a funny presentation while actually bringing real issues to affront and really does make you think and make a lot of “common sense”.

John Oliver M&M’s, Peanuts vs Syrian Refugee situtation (Crooks and Liars) Please do not let the “Crooks and Liars” part dissuade you from watching the video. I had to show this one as it was the only page with anything to do with video on it…Enjoy!


First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring, and it’s really grey and cold outside, when it has been so pretty the rest of the week. Spring is my favourite time of the year and it’s here again! This Winter has felt so cold and grey for such a long time, I didn’t even have to put on my heater this morning to get ready =D Despite the horrible weather, it’s still kind of warm =D