I guess that this post isn’t exactly what you would call “Magical” but please read!

As you will read this in the country of Borneo trees that produce Palm Oil are currently (and mostly) being burnt down illegally. This means that wild animals such as Orangutans and the Sumtarian Tigers homes and land are being burnt and Orangutan rescue/orphanages are becoming increasingly in the way of the burning fires.

Please look at these sites to find out more and visit this website to help donate:

  1. (Orangutan Protection Foundation)
  2. Orangutan Foundation – UK


Not only am I excited that I managed to finally posted a “Fact Friday” on a Friday (YAY for me!) but I was also excited by the prospect that we recently had a 24/7 Krispy Kreme open up with my town! =D

They have been advertising it for months and I was so excited…Repeat…WAS…excited about it. As soon as it came out every single naysayer came out and I disappointedly learned about some facts about Doughnuts =(…One of the main ingredients that are used in Doughnuts is Palm Oil.

Now I’m not sure how many of you know about Palm Oil and where it comes from. Sadly, one of the main ingredients comes straight from the habitats of the Orang-utan. So essentially by destroying the habitats of these wonderful creatures it ends up killing them in the long run, when they can longer attain their natural food and habitat resources. Unfortunately this means no more Krispy Kreme for me.

Palm Oil is the second most widely produced edible oil.

Please click the link below for information:


R.I.P. Doughnut love ❤