End of an era…

As some of my ‘follower’s may know during these last few months I was following a normal every day family take on an extraordinary challenge. The ‘Dash’ family decided to take on the responsibility to look after a single ostrich. They took a single egg and people from all around the world watched the ‘birth’ of Pip as he broke painfully slowly out of his shell. 

I watched the whole hatching process and it was completely lovely and grew attached to Pip and fell in love at first trilled. At the same time I was going through probably the worst break up I have ever had to experience in the whole of my life. Little Pip and the Dash family and the hundred of thousands of people watching this different experience got me through those rough weeks. Unfortunately, the night after the last huge fight I had with my ex. I woke up the next morning to find out that Pip had passed away in the night. It was the first time that I broke down and cried for everything that had happened that year. Found out later that Ostrich hatchings are the hardest to grow into fully grown adults. Pip passed away from a unabsorbed yolk sac. 

Dash didn’t give up though! They obtained three more eggs. Skippy, Popcorn and Rascal. All were born successfully, unfortunately, again…Skippy passed away within a couple of weeks from an infection in her intestines. Rascal had to be put down since he was born with a disfigured leg that would have gotten worse over time(and believe me when I say that they tried everything!). Popcorn survived through all of that and the Dash family were visiting Ostrich wranglers to take Popcorn in and then he was attacked by raccoons and had to be put down the night before. 

Although I know how depressing they might all sound and believe me I stopped watching the live web stream after a while. The experience has been extremely positive. It was incredibly interesting to see and find how hard it is to raise ‘birds’. It is not something that is easy and especially with Ostriches, can be extremely heart-breaking. When you lose so many little babies! One of the most positive experiences from this though, were all of the people involved. Everyone who watched, supported Dash and his family and went through grief with them when they experienced lost. I have purchased an Ostrich figurine to remember all of these different experiences and to remember what it all meant to me.

Last night was the last night before the web cam and chat was stopped. We talked for hours and it was hard to sign off for that last time. I went back on the site this morning to double check that it was gone…and felt a sadness to see that it had. It was probably the more interesting and one of the rare positive experiences that I had of 2013 and will cherish it always. 

The Weird and Wonderful <3

<a href=”http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ostrich-egg-cam-live&#8221; title=”The Weird and Wonderful ❤

I have always been a little different from the ‘other’ girls…The women in my family have always been like that and I admire them. I think their strength and what they’ve done keep myself from changing who I am. After all the best runs through my veins ~.^

Where I’m going with this is? I’ve always loved the weird and different animals of the world. I’ve had your usual dogs as pets and I love them more than words can say. I’ve had different ‘pets’ too. I’ve had rats, lizards (iguanas, frill necks…most of them in America). I don’t go into squeals when I see a spider. I’ve petted a range of wild animals, this year I got to pat a lion cub…Amazing! It’s head was as big my own!

The most exciting animals I have been introduced to are a trio of baby ostrich.  The family Dash decided to try and rear an ostrich all on their own. This family have brought joy to thousands all over the world. The first ostrich was Pip, who came into my life when I needed joy the most. Unfortunately Pip passed away after about a week after he was born and the morning after I had the last huge blow up with my ex. I woke up the morning after and Pip had passed…That broke me more than the fight I had earlier.

The Dash family did not give up though! Now they have three sweet little baby Ostriches and they are such a joy to watch! I recommend everyone watch them, especially if you are having a rough day. They will brighten it up…Guaranteed!