Just why?lol

Now for this post, I am more thinking of more like “reality” stars. You know from like those shows “Married at Frist Sight”, “Gogglebox” “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”.

Shows like that.

I don’t know that many people who watch them, if at all. All of a sudden there are EVERYWHERE! They’re just giving us their opinions left, right and center. Like, come one, you were on Married at First Sight, I don’t have respect for you to listen to your opinion.

I started to think about this after I saw another reality star give their opinion about a current MAFs Australian episode. Now I don’t watch it, but there are lot of people about, who do. So a recent episode a guy finally stood up for himself, and his self-confessed “wife” admitted she likes to hit the sheets. But there was the thing, that’s how she “connects” and he doesn’t. So when he didn’t, she went ahead emasculated him.

What bothered me was that this other reality star’s opinion was that no one ever says that to a woman, when a man does it to her. Except that happens ALL the time in MAFs and the I see the public repeatedly call it out. It was just an utter waste of an opinion piece, and just a bad take at that. This reality star is always finding herself on every reality show. She’s one of those that is everywhere and her previous “colleagues” always pay her out for it.

Do we really need to hear these “reality stars” opinions, when they don’t actually travel in reality worlds?

It’s the same with “social influencers” I don’t know a single “social influencer” who would come even a little bit close to fitting in with my social circle. Who are they “socially influencing” apart from their rich business owners? How many times have we heard of a “social influencer” getting arrested in somewhere like Dubai (or somewhere like that), because they DON’T follow the social protocols. Religious or Social “norms”.

Andrew Tate is a “social influencer”, tells me all I need to know.

A SOCIAL media influencer has been arrested and fined after joining the search for missing mum Nicola Bulley. I know it’s the Sun, but come on! Why is an “influencer” harassing members of the public and then going “No Freedom of Speech”.

These “social influencers” are just a social pest!


Oh my god, shut up white people

Seriously. I don’t care what white people think of Meghan Markle. I just do not. Also, yes. Princess Diana, was a HUGE fan of the royal family, was quiet and submissive. She would not have liked how Meghan Markle “made” Prince Harry take control of his life, live his own life, called out the Firm who control the Royal Family.

That’s total sarcasm, by the way lol

Also Ndaba Mandela having a problem with Markle, BUT APPEARING ON PIERS MORGAN! Who do you *think* Nelson Mandela would have MORE of a problem with???? Like, damn! When I actually listen to POC who do not go on shows like Piers Morgan, or in fact, if you listen to anyone who does not go onto Piers Morgan. You cut through the bad REALLY quickly.

But, oh my god I am so sick of hearing about us, lol. I would say like 95% of really bad and thoughtless “opinions” are coming, you guessed it … White people. Most of the time when it’s a POC it’s a Trump support, or they go on Piers Morgan. The ONLY people who know the Royal Family, are, in fact, the Royal Family. You do not, as white people, know what’s it’s like to live in the RF, let alone as a POC, raised in America.


Here we go again,



Learn to pronounce


  1. 1.a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. “that, in my opinion, is right”
  2. 2.a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter. “if in doubt, get a second opinion”

Nowhere does it say that having an opinion means that you are NOT racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc. In fact, having “just your opinion” means, that more likely, you ARE racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc Because your opinion LACKS in facts or Science. UNLESS you are a Doctor, or a Scientist or something along those line.

Back it up peeps! Even though we all know very few will listen, at least YOU know what you’re talking about and can be happy with that.

I truly hope that this term dies in 2021

“It’s just my opinion” or “Are they not allowed to have an opinion”.

I’ve been able to come up with a couple of responses to that … :

  • “Yes, they’re allowed to have a opinion, but that’s all it is, is an opinion”.
  • “Yes, but I am allowed to have the opinion, that it’s a stupid and ill-informed opinion”.
  • “Yes, they’re allowed to have a opinion, and no one is saying that they cant. But why should they be rewarded for a truly horrible and dangerous opinion”.
  • “Yes, but Hitler had a “opinion”, Trump has lots of “opinions”, Putin has lots of “opinions, Xi Jinping has a lot of “opinions”. Doesn’t mean you reward them for it!”
  • “Yes, but I’m allowed to say that I think your opinion is stupid”.
  • “Their opinion is right there, what, I’m not allowed to have a opinion about their opinion too?”.


If you haven’t heard by now, there is an “anti-Greta”. I don’t actually know her name, because they only call her the “anti-Greta”…obsessed much? It’s been funny though, because it’s like Greta is for Science, so is this person anti-science too? One person told me that she had said there were more scientists that deny climate change than “for” it. I know that there are scientists that so deny it, but more?

I laughed at one person when they said “it’s nice to see someone with a difference of opinion”. Except, they have the exact same opinion. Same is not different. If your opinion is the same as anti-Greta’s, than that’s not a different anything, it’s the same. Also, science is not an “opinion” It’s based on the best facts at that time. I guess like not using witnesses and documents to prove how innocent you are, is proving someones innocence? Can you imagine going to a murder trial with that? I’ve got all this evidence to prove how innocent I am, but you can’t use it.

Dear god, Conservatives, are so dumb.It hurts my brain. I went onto Facebook, Insta and Twitter today to say how I was going to only post positive things on Mondays and Fridays now…Twitter…is a…cuse my French…shit storm. My dyslexia was playing up so badly, I had to come off again,lol.


You know…You know?

A couple of weeks ago now I wrote a post about Georgia and their new abortion Laws. One comment I made about that post was about, I felt a little like why was I writing the post. Because the people who already get that PP, especially, don’t just do abortions. It is, in fact, one of the smaller services that they perform/provide. Reading some peoples’s “ideas” about PP you’d think PP is having women coming in and out a revolving door, that never ends, and it’s all PP do. It’s just not true. But you can’t tell them this, they don’t want to know.

My mum and I have conversations like that all the time. Where we are talking to each other, but get annoyed at others who just don’t “get it”.

We both love Russell Brand, he’s such an interesting human being and we’ve only just recently discovered that he has a podcast and of course, it’s amazing. I can’t remember who he was talking too, but he was talking to a teacher of psychology. The teacher was saying that in the last 5 years he has noticed a huge increase in psychology students getting notes from their local Doctors, about how they don’t have to do any public speaking. He said that about 5 years ago, there might be one or two…if that…Now it’s nearly half the class.

They were talking about as the generations come along, they are becoming weaker, and on some level I do agree. I also do blame social media for it as well though. I even blame people like myself. My brother apparently know gets anxiety issues sometimes, and I wonder if it’s because of me. Then I tell myself, it probably is and it makes me so angry because everyone keeps telling me to step up for him. No, I had figure it out for myself what triggers me, what my problems really are. If he really has it, then literally no one else can figure it out, but himself. I should not step up. Doesn’t mean I have to be nasty, but you can’t really step up for others. You can support, but you can’t force your life onto someone else’s.

The reason it make me angry is 1) He’ a hypochondriac (like our Dad). You say the word flu or cold, I guarantee he’ll have it the next day. The weird thing is if he actually has something wrong, he wont take the whole medication. It’s just weird. He keeps saying he can’t fly to our state, but he can to Sydney? It’s just weird. 2) He keeps turning down any solution and keeps saying things like “I can get over this myself”. When you have anxiety, you don’t want it. You don’t do nothing about it? 3) When I had my really bad day a couple of weeks ago now. AFTER I publicly said said I wasn’t coping. He publicly humiliated me about three times in that same week. Things that wouldn’t normally bother me, but not a good time at that time. The last time my Mum said did I watch the rest of the Instagram stories, I lost it,lol.

The reason I bring up my brother though as well. Everyone expects me to take care of him, why? To get to the place I have gotten to, is because I fought and am still fighting my anxiety. I don’t expect others to do it for me. I listen (or read) other people’s solutions and I see if they’ll work for me. When I face an anxiety issue and I get through it, I don’t turn around and go “Oh well, never doing that again” I keep doing it, to make sure I become comfortable with it.

Support is fantastic and never underestimate it. Don’t just throw the support to the side.

But like my brother, how is the Doctor giving those student notes, instead of making them face their issues…Going to help? I can’t get over that they are psychologist students, lol…You know, you know?

Writing all of that, got a lot of frustrations off my chest then…But I bet you all knew that already!


Don’t @ at me

Whenever someones says this now I just go “Okay” and unfollow,lol

For those who don’t know what “Don’t @ at me” means, it’s very simple to explain. It means that if you don’t agree with that persons comments, don’t bother commenting or tagging them in their comment. Usually when someone says this I’ve started to realise that it’s usually because they know what they’re writing is unpopular and is usually full of personal feelings and not actual facts.

It’s kind of like when people say that it’s just their “opinion” and don’t want to have to deal with the comments, because usually their “opinion” is full of ignorance, no facts and bigotry. Except they use their “opinion” like it’s a facts, when it is, in fact, not a fact at all.

So don’t @ at me and posts about “Everyone’s entitled to their opinions” are usually people you don’t want to be around. That’s why I’ve have started to say “For myself, personally” because I know my opinion is just that…An opinion.

The Facts of the Matter

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When I watch people today…I wonder to myself…Why do people seem to think that their opinion is a fact? When they don’t agree with that person, the other person’s opinion is “invalid”.


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Every opinion is valid, because that’s what they are…an opinion. You’ve looked at the facts and made an opinion about them. This is the thing about facts…A fact cannot be changed, how you perceive it though is an opinion. Human Beings have a tendency to do that a lot. Change a fact to suit themselves.

Take, for example, the whole Trump mess…How one thing is not okay for Hilary to do, but perfectly fine for Trump to do? Now the facts of that matter do not change, they both do something horrible, yet one is worse than the other?

Trump paying for sex with a hooker while his wife is nursing, is somehow better than Bill Clinton having consensual sex with Monica? Sure, to some and their opinion Clinton will always be worse. I do wonder if their partner did to them when Bill and Trump did to their wives, which one would they really think is worse?


One person you like, doesn’t mean that the person you don’t like, doing the exact same thing makes only one of them worse…Same is Same…That is a fact!


Bully or Not a Bully?

Isn’t it great when you’re writing one post and then come up with another Blog Post idea?

I was writing about “something that I’ve created” and I mentioned about a person who let me know that I’m upset people better listen because when I’m upset, something must be really wrong. The irony is what she said was she ended being one of my biggest bullies that I’ve ever encountered before.

That’s when it struck me though, does she (and other one) even consider themselves to be bullies? I have few mutual friends with these girls, amazingly I lost a lot because of them as well. Since we have these friends in common sometimes I see them write comments that still, to this day, make me roll my eyes. However the things they say they don’t seem to think that they have ever done anything wrong in their life. Which perplexes me, clearly.

It did make me think though how many of our bullies actually even think they have been bullies themselves? There is that whole theory that bullies are bullies because someone bullied them. So maybe they don’t think they are because they’re not bullying like their bullies have?

Thoughts? Opinions? 


I wanted to start this post off with saying “Yay! I thought of something to write” and I’m writing it in a hurry so hopefully I don’t get my English all mixed up!

Also though, when did a meme become a “fact” or a representative of a whole community? There are some good meme’s out there, I also know though in my mind that a meme doesn’t represent a community as as whole. So I have HUGE issue with the meme that is pictured below.


This meme tends to come up a lot when you see the fat vs skinny debate. I don’t know why people think this ONE meme represents an entire community, or that it’s some kind of evidence, because I know it’s not true. The majority of guys in my family, especially on my Dad’s side are all tall and skinny. My Dad’s nickname when he was younger was “Bones”. Now I get asked A LOT if my brother, cousins and Uncles are eating (generally by bigger people as well) BEHIND THEIR BACKS and through private messaging. So I know it DOES happen.

Also though and quiet frankly, someone SHOULD be talking to this guy. I don’t know why bragging how no one seems to care about your health is a good thing, or proves a point either? I would also be willingly to bet that people talk about it behind his back. He doesn’t mention as well though how everyone comments on how great he looks either.

As a society we are becoming bigger, it’s just a fact. Each person’s health will be different and it will depend on a lot of different factors. I’m not obese, but because of my families issues with high cholesterol. I do have high cholesterol, so I have to be aware of that all the time. So although I am not what people would call “obese” I know my body can become unhealthy very quickly. I do wonder though if people who do get so upset so quickly about their weight by strangers, might be feeling guilty? I always feel guilty when I eat bad food, because I know I probably shouldn’t.

It’s an interesting topic, I get called skinny by some and fat by others. Yet I never get upset about it. I don’t know why. I guess in some ways I know if I REALLY wanted to do something, I could. But it wont be because of someone else’s meme or opinion of me…Except for possibly my Doctors point of view,lol

*I still hope someone talks to this guy*