Fight Me! Haha

Since leaving Twitter, I haven’t had a single stupid “debate” and I kind of miss it. Only because, all the stupid people on there made me feel smart =D

So, here are some of…what I think anyway, are some of more unpopular opinions. As the sentence suggests, that are only opinions!

  • Pineapple on pizza is great!
  • Rowling is a lazy writer, who stole HP from another female author…And she does nothing for women’s rights!
  • Everyone should stop writing that Nat Barr “destroyed” Harry and Meghan with what she said. They don’t even know who she is!Haha
  • Potato Chips are better than chocolate!
  • Harry Potter merchandise is way to expensive.
  • I like soapies =/ lol
  • But, don’t like romance “comedies”. They are the worst!
  • Dentists are overpaid, and don’t work enough hours to justify it.
  • Brad Pitts looks are over rated. Even before the child abuse.
  • I have an instant distain for any streamer playing Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Wedding photographers are WAYYYY to expensive.
  • There are not enough songs about being unpopular. This is supposed to be a silly post, and all the songs about being unpopular are far to depressing.

Thursday Theories – Just thoughts

I’ve just had some thought over this past week.

That’s why I’m posting two ‘Thursday Theories’ this week. These are just literally thoughts I’ve had, no deep and meaningful here.

cis men be like re #sanitarypads “What do I get” You DON’T get blood running between your legs every month and you DON’T have a risk of getting pregnant, with your #rapist baby. When cis men vote for rapists knowing their babies. #Shutup and be grateful for what you DON’T have.

Wonder when #StephenFry did that interview. Was it when she did her anti-trans manifesto? When her #words were used to create anti-trans #Laws? Or was it when she tried to publicly humiliate and harass a #female world leader, because she doesn’t “understand” what the #GRA is?

I can’t quit twitter, not while so many lives are literally at risk.


Free Speech

So Gym Jordan *thinks* the Left are “mad” that there’s Free Speech on Twitter. Which I am pretty sure that’s not actually Twitters job, since it’s a private company and all.

There’s a difference between # Free Speech and just lies. Quiet frankly, I don’t care who says what on Twitter, it just makes it all the easier to show you for who you really are Gym. It also makes it MUCH easier to convict people for hate crimes and inciting it. Hows Alex Jones going?


Now that things are starting to settle, and we can see things a little more clearer, I am posting this. Please excuse my bad Photoshop abilities.

For those who don’t know, Dan Andrews is a Labor/Democrat type state leader. He has been an amazing leader throughout Victoria’s COVID. They are currently about to go through another election. I can’t help but note, but despite the media being mainly right winged owned. At least the right wing leading, more and more people are voting for left wing politics.

Its one of the positives of social media, people cannot hide as they once did. Even though they complain about having no “Free Speech”, we can see their speech, we can see very freely what they’re saying. We can see when they lie, we can see their hypocrisy. The funny thing is so though, they think we can’t see it.

Youth Voter Turnout in the 2022 Midterms Delivered Key Wins for Democrats

After Uvalde, Abbott decided to increase gun usage and banned abortions,

White women have been voting against their (reproductive) interests for yearsArwa Mahdawi; Opinion, Sun 6 Nov 2022 00.00 AEDT

Good for him, I say

This totally an opinion blog post. I don’t know know how many of watch “Witcher“? Recently the lead from the tv series, Henry Cavill was playing him, but after they want to steer the tv series in a different direction, away from the book he likes, he “resigned”. In his stead, Liam Hemsworth is apparently taking over the role.

Despite the hate, I am sitting here thinking “Good on you Henry Cavill”. He is apparently a big fan of the Witcher books. Apparently does not like that the producers wants too take it in a different direction. If someone wants to or want to not do something, because they don’t “believe” in it. Good o, for them I say!


Something recently happened to me to make me realise, I am VERY different from other people. Someone passed away over the weekend, and all weekend I had to see as people posted a character they played, quotes.

I was all like

I was getting so annoyed, lol

See this ‘person’ not only contributed in the ongoing harm of vulnerable people, they defended it by saying it wasn’t harmful and people are just easily offended. And again, they did not belong to the group of people who were being harmed, and they were harming.

My biggest crushes are Orlando Bloom, and Matt Smith. I find them both incredibly sexy. Sexy in looks and personality, and their acting.


If they did what this other actor did and contributed. I would go off them, and when they passed, I would not be posting about their characters. I wouldn’t post about them at all.

This is definitely a personal opinion.

I believe this is what infantilize adults. This is what I believe one of the problems with adults is. I love fiction and a dream world, probably more than anyone else on the planet. I HATE reality, but I love fiction, because it is not like reality. There is enough fiction to be happy.

I am going to use Johnny Depp as an example (also did you see Depp shaved off his beard, ewww,lol).


The swastika: a symbol of love stolen by the Nazis

This is such an important topic to write about it. I can only hope that I do it justice!

Unfortunately, a lot of right wingers seem to be embracing the Fascism, that was the Nazi Party. The reason? Because the Nazi symbol, which is starting to become more and more banned in places, was first used, especially in ancient Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. They used it for good and loving reasons. And this is what the right wingers are hoping onto.

The problem?

That’s not what the Nazis used it for. They used it for pure hatred and destruction.

Its like when Nazis started off with calling themselves “socialists”. They were not.

And if you think the swastika didn’t reach the Americas until the Nazis made it popular, think again. The Navajo most notably used the symbol in North America, but so did the Guna people in Panama. The Navajo eventually banned its use in 1940, after the Nazis hijacked it.

I am honestly all for reclaiming it for it’s original use. It sounds a lot nicer than the Nazi one. However, not now, and not while Right Wingers continue to use it, too spread hatred. You can’t ignore the hatred that is now associated with this symbol. I do believe, one day, you could absolutely use it again for it’s original use. Just not now. There is absolutely no way, since Right Wingers use it still to attack whoever annoys them. Laurence Fox recently had to delete a tweet, because he made a swastika with the newer and more inclusive LGBT flag.

That’s what it’s all about for myself. If we didn’t have a lot of the people we had now, you could totally trust people to “do right” with COVID. If we didn’t have a lot of the people we had now, the Swastika could be reclaimed. Problem is, we do have a lot of the people we do right now. Heck, we could more than likely even have total free speech, if we didn’t have a lot of people who abuse it.

People like the Nazi’s are why we can’t have nice things.

For the love, read!

Oh my god, you know what I’m really over? People who clearly don’t read a news article, and then they refuse to acknowledge this.

I was reading an article, and I made the mistake of mentioning that its Boomers who can’t let go of things. The point of the article, was not that millennials can’t “let go” of things, but that they get stuck in a mindset. Where they know what they want, but most of them are stuck in the mindset where for whatever reasons, parents, not enough skills, not enough life experience. They have to wait.

Of course, I was “told off” and that it’s not the boomers burning books and harassing the LGBT. I was able to quickly point out everything that was wrong with that, lol. It is, in fact, the boomers doing that. Because, again, millennials don’t run the media, the Governments, the health and medical services or educations. That’s all run by pretty much boomers. In fact the biggest person who runs anti-lgbt media, is Rupert Murdoch. So yeah, I asked them to run that one by me again.

In fact, I said to one of them that in honour of them, when I become pregnant. I will call myself a “pregnant person”. Cause you know boomers had no problem with that, haha.

Trumps a boomer.

Oh my god, shut up white people

Seriously. I don’t care what white people think of Meghan Markle. I just do not. Also, yes. Princess Diana, was a HUGE fan of the royal family, was quiet and submissive. She would not have liked how Meghan Markle “made” Prince Harry take control of his life, live his own life, called out the Firm who control the Royal Family.

That’s total sarcasm, by the way lol

Also Ndaba Mandela having a problem with Markle, BUT APPEARING ON PIERS MORGAN! Who do you *think* Nelson Mandela would have MORE of a problem with???? Like, damn! When I actually listen to POC who do not go on shows like Piers Morgan, or in fact, if you listen to anyone who does not go onto Piers Morgan. You cut through the bad REALLY quickly.

But, oh my god I am so sick of hearing about us, lol. I would say like 95% of really bad and thoughtless “opinions” are coming, you guessed it … White people. Most of the time when it’s a POC it’s a Trump support, or they go on Piers Morgan. The ONLY people who know the Royal Family, are, in fact, the Royal Family. You do not, as white people, know what’s it’s like to live in the RF, let alone as a POC, raised in America.