One-sided conversations

I think the thing that always frustrates me about bigots and their bigotry. Notice how they always say how they’re doing it for the ‘good’ of other people. Yet, I have to yet see anyone ask them to do “it”. TERFs are a really bad at doing this. They’ll talk about complete strangers genitalia how they’re trying to stop young women from cutting off their healthy breasts. Meaning they’re trying to stop females from becoming men…Yet, no one asked them to do this.

Bigots will usually feign concern, and saying they’re JUST “trying to help” “trying to protect” When no ones asking them too.

Here is my one sided conversation. March the 31st IS Trans Visibility Day. So, now I would like to change the conversation, to make this post a positive post instead =D

Wanted to start the lead to #TransDayOfVisibility with a article from @PinkNews When the MAJORITY of female athletes are saying positive things for trans youth in sports, maybe it IS transphobia. Then again that’d mean people would be LISTENING to women though.

While, technically I wont be able to watch this. It’ll be 4 in the morning for me, I’m sure a lot of you can. Katy is utterly lovely. So while I am sure the subject will be heavy, I am sure it will be talked about in a sensitive manner.

A Guide on how to educate yourself about transgender issues – Life Hacker