Disney is always Magic

I absolutely admire anyone that can draw, I am a visual person and I have so many thoughts and stories running through my head all day (I really should start learning how to draw).


Please look up the artist Dad on her Dada’s instagram


Real life vs Disney

So many of you people are extremely aware that I love Disney and I am definitely a “Disney” … girl … lady … woman,lol. Anyways, I found this great link on Oh My Disney (if you love Disney, you should look at this site).

What it’s about is they’ve take some screen shots of very famous “Cats” in the Disney world and then recreated them with pictures of “real cats”.

Real-Life Disney Cat Stock Photo Lookalikes

“Everybody wants to be a Disney cat, and the following stock photo kitties are succeeding with flying colors. Our determination to make our lives as much like a Disney movie as possible means we’re especially apt at drawing comparisons to the animated felines from our favorite movies, so it only made sense that we go on a mission to find the most impressive cat doppelgängers. If you’ve ever longed for proof that Disney cats walk among us, we present the following gallery for your consideration:”

Fashion Tips from Belle…OMD style

I have been noticing lately that my posts have been a little bit depressing, I hate being mad and sad, I really do hate it, but hey, I can’t be perfect 100% of the time =P Something about birthdays that make me depressed, it’s not the getting older part. It’s the way that I always feel like something is missing from my birthdays. Either I get a whole pile of presents that make me feel guilty because I look at them and go “Do you people know me at all?” and you have to do something with them…

Anyways, there is this site that I love called “Oh My Disney” http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/

I love this site, they have so many types of Blogs based all on everything Disney related. One I reently happened to stumble upon was Belle’s Fashion tips.


It is really quite interesting, it takes a look at all of Belle’s fashion style and what she wears, but the main emphasis being on “be yourself” wear your style, your way. Go and have a look!


Easter Monday Bunnies!

I found this really sweet list that has a bunch of favourite Disney/Pixar bunnies (and a couple of not-so-close bunnies, but pretty close!)

Please check out the link below and if you can’t find your favourite bunny on this list let us know!
Oh My Disney – Celebrate Easter With Our Favorite Disney Bunnies

Oh My Disney 2014, ‘Celebrate Easter with our Favorite Disney Bunnies’, Disney <http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/&gt;