I will absolutely block you … a kind of rant

Are you all seeing my blogs?

On Twitter a couple of days ago (I think I even mentioned it on a post here) a troll, decided to not only mis-gender me, but then instructed their followers to “track down my parents, so they can “tell me of”.

*sings* They got into trouble with Twitter

I am 37, and I have blocked my Dad, a Aunt and now a Uncle for saying something completely racist on my “Sorry” post on Facebook yesterday. I have no problem blocking and cutting people off anymore (thank you Sarah – my ex-“bestfriend). One life.

I started to laugh though after my blocked my Uncle. If only that troll knew who I was, would they have changed what they said?

Unlike some people who want to be able to make mis-gendering legal *looking at you head of EHRC, Liz Truzz and Maya Forstater* As long as it’s done politely. In my experience of mis-gendering it’s either been done, accidentally or to be rude. It has never been done to be “polite”.

I don’t get offended by mis-gendered because I’m a cis woman and so have been absolutely been called worse. Yet, at the time, I should be more than offended. It’s not polite to mis-gender someone, you might do it accidentally. Most people though, who do it accidentally, always apologise.

I will most definitely report and block if you threaten myself, or my family, or a good friend, or even a acquaintance in anyway.

If you take my kind post and make something of it’s that bigotry, I will unfriend you.

We’re all grown ups here. There’s not a excuse for this kind of behaviour.


2016 … The year to be offended? Or not offended enough?

This post was inspired by something I was kind of involved with over the weekend. Mainly seeing the same saying coming up “2016…The Year to be offended by everything” People who were saying this were inspired by this post I found on Facebook.

It’s probably a phrase that most people are familiar with. Now what was cracking me up was all the comments *mental note: Stop reading the comments*…I was literally laughing through the comments, they run through from everything racism to how humans are superior to animals, to heated debate if Nala is a Queen or a Princess.

I know there are issues out there that are completely serious and people should “educate themselves” about *another phrase from 2016*. However, sometimes I think getting upset over topics like these, my comment “You all don’t know how to Disney”, detract from actual important issues. It just doesn’t seem to me to be proactive. Some things, to me, just need to stay fun. You need to have fun and good times, so you have the strength to fight for what matters. You can’t fight all the time, it takes too much out of you.

Plus, Nala was totally a Princess…Did you see any other male Lions around other than Scar? If you say Scar could be her father, we totally cannot be friends! =P