There is something that I have thought about lately and something that I do not understand. Has anyone else noticed the amount of people who claim to hate a station/tvpresenter/tvshow etc. Yet, at the same time know EVERYTHING that tv presenter has said, watched every single show they don’t life and so know what’s being showed. How do they know SO much about something they say they hate so much?

Unless they are obsessively following everything they “hate”

But, why? Who does that?

Too me it’s the same as following everything an ex partners, or an ex friend or a family member who you’ve disowned and saying “I’ve moved on and I don’t care what they do”. Yet, they know more about these people than you do. I know at least two people in my life who constantly talking about moving on, but one who is not friends with their ex friends anymore on Facebook. They know more about what is going on with their Facebook than I do, and I am actually friends with these people on Facebook…How?

I recently talked about these issues in another post, but this one is more related too complete strangers obsessively following a tv presenter, a show and thinking that there is nothing wrong with you, about that? There’s only one way you can know what’s going on and that is you are obsessively following that show/presenter.

The best example I can think of is an Australian tv presenter called Waleed Aly, an Australian Muslim television presenter. Now if you read the regular comments about him, he’s called mainly a Muslim terrorist sympathiser. Except, he has never once said “Yay…Terrorism” He’s called them weak, they don’t represent his Muslim. I think it’s all down to he doesn’t say what they want to hear, the right way. Which is probably “All Muslim people should be deported” Yet a lot of his haters constantly comment about him, they are clearly watching the show since they have SO much to say about what was on the show. When I asked one of them “Prove to me that he has ever said Yay, terrorism” No one was able to respond, because he hasn’t ever actually said that and because he doesn’t think that…at all

Now I can understand being obsessed about a ex partners, or an ex friend or a family member who’ve disowned, only for a little while. I do think after a certain amount of time you need help. However, I really DON’T understand about following a show/tv presenter/tv channel you don’t like? I cannot imagine about making my entire life about something that is so easy to turn off and not follow? What lack of a life must you have? There are plenty of shows out there that you can watch if you want too watch something with more of your point of view.

You don’t HAVE to make your life about everything you hate.