Nurt Thurs  – Stop and Appreciate 

Yes, Yes I know it’s Wednesday…I just always seems to struggle on Wednesday, so if I concentrating on nurturing myself and helping others along the way, it might help me with “hump day” Wednesday. 

  • When you walk to and from your car, or walk to and from the bus stop…Stop, look around you, even in the rain!
  • When someone makes you a cup of tea/coffee…Even if it tastes horrible…Stop and thank them.
  • When someone gives you an actual card for your birthday, anniversaries…They chose it especially for you! It’s still more personal than Facebook “Happy Birthday” ~.^
  • When your pet/s greet you happily.
  • When your co-workers do something nice for you.

Mostly Appreciate yourself for being the good person that you are =D