Nurture Thursday – Your Best

Nurt Thurs – Your Best

I have been struggling to think of something for this. Work is overwhelmingly busy at the moment. Although I keep being thanked for helping out and making life easier. I always wonder to myself “Can I do better”? I always say to myself “Well that’s future Lauren’s problem, if something has gone wrong.” So even though I know I am working hard and doing my best, I sometimes really have a big self doubt to myself.

Sometimes what I’ll do, I’ll do something to make myself feel better about myself. So I might clean something, because I can do that. I’ll play the Sims, because I can do that. I’ll read because I can REALLY do that! Your best is literally all you can do!

Nurture Thursday – People In Our Lives

Nurt Thursday – People in our lives

Sometimes people come and go, some stay longer than others. Not all will stay for a life time. Some you may never actually meet, but they are as close to your heart as family. Some are family and you want nothing to do with them. Take the time to learn a lesson for each person that comes into your life, even each customer. I truly believe we were supposed to meet them. Even the truly horrible ones. Actually, especially the horrible ones.

Nurture Thursday – Brave and Magnificent

Nurt Thur – Brave and Magnificent

I was trying to think of something to say, rather than another quote. Also though, this sums it up quiet nicely.

maginificent treasures

I feel like this is so relevant, as well, for us who don’t feel like they don’t fit to the rest of the world. I feel like this is true of myself recently. Losing my ex-friends and finding myself in a situation where I felt kind of alone. I had to rely on myself more, rather than listening to narcissism of my friend who had no problem telling me what was wrong with me. I feel like I’ve found my voice =D Which caused me too “lose” more friends, but I gained myself back =D

Nurture Thursday – Happiness

Nurture Thursday – Happiness

I think everyone knows within themselves when they are happy. I believe when you are happy, you are not spiteful or mean. You can’t be. When you are happy, you don’t want to lose that, so you’re not going to do crass and mean spirited things. I believe when you are truly happy, you want to spread it around. Which is why I do believe at the moment, there are a lot of unhappy people. The Right are unhappy, because they are finding their bigoted and racist ways are under threat. They can’t be who they are. Even though they are horrible, they think they can be who they are anymore. Then you’ve got the Left, who are unhappy, because they are not being listened too. By those who were chosen to listen to them.

Not only that but those who are supposed to listen to them, are now trying to make them the “criminals”.

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Nurture Thursday – Did you know?

I’m not sure I can find something a beautiful as On Dragonfly Wing with Buttercup Tea, but I’m going to try!

Nurt Thur – Did you know?

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that one person cannot make a difference.

One Person Laid the Seeds for an Entire Forest

Sebastião Salgado grew up in Minas Gerais, Brazil—full of beautiful rain-forests. He left  to become a photographer, and returned to his hometown, in 2000, to discover that only 0.5% of forest remained. Salgado founded Instituto Terra in 1998, planting more than 2 million seedlings of more than 290 species of trees and plants. In 20 years, 1,500 acres of rainforest have been recovered, and 293 species of plants, 15 reptile species, 172 bird species, 15 amphibian species, and 33 mammal species have returned.

Nurture Thursday – Take It With You

Nurt Thursday – Take It With You

(It’s actually a mare going back for it’s foal, but the meaning is still the same).

I hope this makes sense…

Where ever you go, know this in life. You may not always think or feel it. But you are loved where ever you go. If I could write this down in a note for you all, I would. Write it down and put it in your pocket anyway and take it with you ❤

Nurture Thursday – Stepping Stones

Nurt Thursday – Stepping Stones

Every now and then I try to test myself. Not push myself, but test if I’m ready for the next step. Or am I ready to take back something I lost. Now this may shock, but I have not had a cup of any flavouring of coffee…Until this week. It was really warm on this day and the thought of a coffee flavoured milk shake was just too good!

I was wrong,lol.

I think they used real coffee beans or something? I was so not okay on this day. Luckily I was not working on this day, as I had to retreat to my bedroom and so some cleaning. Which may not sound that bad, but my bedroom is my safe space, when I’m not okay.

But I knew what was wrong, which made me able to get through it more easily.

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