Nurture Thursday – Inner War

Nurt Thurs – Inner War

Who isn’t there right now? Every day, sometimes every minute. I am currently going back and forth thinking to myself “Do I have any right to speak about this” and then the next second it “Of course I do”. It’s a constant “I’m tired, I’m awake, I’m here, I’m there”.

I’m here, I’m there, I’m in my underwear…lol

Nurture Thursday – Ponder

Nurt Thur – Ponder

Oh, I have been doing that a lot this week. My heart literally broke the other day, seeing people defend Trump for running away from the questions about the 80,000+ dead American citizens. They were more concerned about #Obamagate. Which compared to Trump, compared to the pandemic. Is literally nothing. How people can say that what Obama did, is worse than what’s happening RIGHT NOW with Trump at the lead. How someone can say that Americans have such hatred for their country, because they don’t think what Obama did is worse than what Trump is doing RIGHT NOW, breaks their heart and how much Democrats/Liberals hate their country. While they IGNORE the 80,000 and their HATRED for ONE black man, just makes them ignore the 80,000 AMERICAN DEAD…It does make you ponder when did they lose love for their country? Did they ever have it? Or does the hatred of one black man, just cloud that?


Nurture Thursday- Higher Perspective

Nurt Thurs – Higher Perspective

So it’s been interesting the last few days, in terms of thinking on a high perspective. I’ve come off of all social media now, except here( which I don’t really considering a social media outlet) and one of my Instagram accounts. It has been really great. Every now and then I see bits and pieces, because I still go back on to the messages. So I’ll see things, but I don’t read anything further.

It’s been very freeing, because honestly. Instead of worrying about what other people I know think about me. I can see what they think about things in general. It’s been interesting. Just to show an example, I saw a news article where the Australian PM was going to ban “anti-vaxxers”. By the title, I was like “finally”…But then when I READ the article. He’s comparing people who won’t download a rushed, broken, blue tooth tracking, selling Australian data to America, don’t trust this government at all, too anti-vaxxers.

I didn’t need to crow to those who called me stupid. I knew all along that this app was not a good idea.


Nurture Thursday – Bloom

Nurt Thurs – Bloom

I have to admit that I am struggling to “bloom” lately. I actually had a really good cry about an hour ago. I haven’t had a good cry since my Pee-Pee died.

What I am hoping is now that something is going to happen where I can grow from this, but people are shitting me off left, right and centre. What is all these people NOT listening to medical and health professionals?

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