Nurture Thursday – Destination Addiction

Nurt Thurs – Destination Addiction

Oh my god, how true is this! How many of us want to just press forward right, into next year, or at least until the US elections are over! Things, I want to know NOW what does Rowling’s letter do, exactly? Nothing…You know why it’s completely worthless. If it had been for support for ALL women who have experienced violence on the web, like I experience daily from TERFs. They MIGHT have had something.

I want to already be 10 years in the future, so I can look and go “Can you believe how stupid people got that year”? I just want it to be OVER, like yesterday. I hate that such horrible people, get to be so loud right now.


Nurture Thursday – Letting Things Go

Nurt Thurs – Letting things go

How hard is it in 2020, to let things go?! My mum and I were just talking last night, that we don’t understand that hate the year has brought. It’s all been over the top and over aggressive. The main thing is, the hate, has been completely unnecessary.

You MUST find a way though, to be able to every now and then “let go”. It will do you mental and in turn, physical world of good. You can’t spend the whole time, going “Woe is me”. You need to let go and give yourself permission to relax, to turn off your brain. Or do something fun with your brain. Even if it’s only for a hour. Like today, I sat down and wrote out ALL my pen pal letters, all ready for posting tomorrow! I am so finally happy with them!

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Nurture Thursday – Your Light

Nurture Thursday – Your Light

I was going to say that even Trumps Presidency has shined a light on the truly dark parts of America. The problem is, even though there are good officers out there. Racists and REALLY stupid people, keep insisting on defending the really bad ones.

Anyways…*big sigh*

There is no one I follow, or enjoy reading their posts that I don’t believe is a bad person. So many times I have wanted to say thank you to you all, for all being good people. Even when we misunderstand each other, we talk it out.

Shine bright you little diamonds! Shine bright!

Shine that light into the rest of the world, we need it.

Nurture Thursday – Life’s Too Short

Nurt Thurs – Life’s Too Short

I always wonder about haters, bigots, racists. They are clearly frightened of something, so why do they waste their time with hate? Why do you care if someone wants you to wear a mask for an hour or so, while you shop, to help others? Why do you care if someone wears a BLM top? Why do you care what a complete stranger does to their body?

Why does any of that matter?

What makes this people just SO angry?

I sit in my little home. Just going about my day, and then just see on my twitter feeds all this unnecessary hate. And I don’t understand how someone can just get to irrationally angry at strangers? Life is very short too be this angry at strangers.



Nurture Thursday – New Twist

Nurt Thurs – New Twist

Its feels like every day at the moment, there’s just another twist in the horribleness.

  • There seems to be two types of Mums in American right now. The ones who actually get out and fight for others. And the others who sit behind a screen whining how more oppressed they are than transpeople.
  • That a lot of “Fck Trump” people keep liking Trump Supporters comments, because it suits their transphobia.
  • What is it with TERFS whining that people need to be more real, and then having social media accounts with no real name and no picture of themselves?
  • Let’s not forget the TERFS who hate men because they try to control us. TURN AROUND AND TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY SHOULD WITH THEIR BODIES! You focus on your OWN bodies!