International Nurses Day

The theme for the 2022 resource is Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health.

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. ICN commemorates this important day each year with the production and distribution of the International Nurses’ Day (IND) resources and evidence.

International Council of Nurses releases posters, digital promotional tools for International Nurses Day, 12 May 2022 #IND2022

Nurses, the secret superheroes of the Hospitals ❤

Australian Government – Dept of Health


World Nurses Day

I have been through SO much this past year and I have ended up in the hospital twice, feeling extremely silly but still terrified. I have seen my local GP quiet a few times in the last year as well…Might as well get everything done this year. Due to working casually I’ve had to reschedule a lot of appointments.

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Nurses are just as important as Doctors and a lot of times, they are sometimes even more helpful. Nurses (both male and female) are the front line of the medicine world. They are usually the ones at the front dealing with hostile and aggressive patients.

There are have been Nurses who I’ve wanted to personally thrown out the door. If I had been there. I will never forget the stories my mum told me about this one nurse when my Grandfather was dying from emphysema. If I had been there, there would be no more nurse…Let me tell you!


The rest of the Nurses and Doctors were great. I appreciate them, there’s always going to be one! In every group, there’s always one.

ANZAC Day <3 Lest We Forget


Lest We Forget…So that we can live

Today is Australia and New Zealand day of remembering and respecting. ANZAC Day is our day to honour and remember solider present and past from all the War of which we participated and those soldiers who died, so we cold be free. The date of the 25th of April commemorates the anniversary when Australia and New Zealand both were apart of the first campaign that led to major casualties for both countries.


For most people it’s a pretty emotional day, as I am sure that every country around the world experiences the same kind of feelings when they commemorate their soldiers. The feelings I feel, the appreciation for what these young men and women did for us, the freedom they gave to us. I try to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible. I tend to find during the next few weeks after ANZAC Day, I do things, stay off of social media things and get a lot more proactive.

What do feelings do you all have? Do you find yourself doing a lot more “proactive things” after you celebrate your soldiers?

Think before you Act

I read this article today and I think that it is probably something that everyone should read and everybody at sometime in our lives are going to experience. Sitting and waiting in a Doctors waiting area is about as likely to happen as taxes and death are. At some point in your life you will be in a Doctors waiting area, sitting around.

How many time have you sat there waiting impatiently, not understand why they’ve made that appointment if they are never on time?

This article is written by a local GP and I think it’s a great written entry and really makes you think “Be Kind ❤“…Now I’ve never been one to get hugely upset when I’ve made an appointment because I’ve always thought that this was the way and I’ve had a health scare in my life as well, where I needed to ask a few more questions than I usually would.

However, I do start to get irritated when I’ll see someone else, doing that whole, looking at their watch, then that huge sigh, then look at their phone, huge sigh, walk around, tap their fingers…I try telling myself that these people are just anxious about some test results, but then they start going up to the Nurses and complain about how they just need to get a repeat prescription.