Why I am not watching the Commonwealth Games

Tom Daley Takes Stand Against Criminalized Homosexuality at Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Currently the Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham, UK. Meanwhile, this is currently happening.

Tory leadership race: Rishi Sunak vows to stop ‘woke nonsense and left-wing agitators’ in latest pledge

Rishi Sunak has vowed to review the Equalities Act to stop the “woke nonsense” he claims is “permeating public life”.

‘Apologetic to the left!’ Truss vows Common Sense crackdown on ‘woke’ government culture

That coming from the woman who LGBT staff QUIT the Tory’s LGBT party and it was never refilled. IS pretty fucking stupid. There is NOTHING woke about the Tory party.

The UK fell down…again…in LGBT safety in 2022.

UK falls down Europe’s LGBTQ+ rights ranking for third year running

Stonewall and other LGBT+ friendly organisations choose to pull out of “It’s safe to be me”. Because, as we have seen over and over again, it is NOT safe to be LGBT. Let alone the attacks by “prominent” people against Stonewall, despite the public standing WITH Stonewall.

Let alone, all the Tory damage done to the UK with Brexit, education, voting NOT to feed the UK children and leaving it to a football player. I cannot do it anymore. It’s like once you know something, you can’t unknow it.

I think we can say, quiet confidently, that no one in the Tory party, is “woke”.