July Goals…Too tick or not to tick?

This month is very much about getting things that I’ve gotten together and actually start using and creating with them!

  • Get a Yoga Schedule – Focus mainly on strengthen my sciatica.
  • Make a budget. I don’t know how but somehow even though my anxiety has lessened and I’ve been able to start catching buses again. Somehow I spent more money than when I’d caught taxis? Makes no sense!
  • Create some healthy winter recipes.


This month has seriously slipped away from me. I have done … to be frank …None of these! I did look into some healthier recipes, but I did not create any.

The only one I can say that I kind of HAD too do, as I had no choice. I had to budget, because I got underpaid at work. Luckily I had some savings, actually I need to put some of my current money into my savings again. This pass month just got away from me.

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