The Iron Throne

Now I clearly don’t know who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne. This is also not meant to be a spoiler type blog, so please no spoilers.

What I would like to know though, for those who watch GOT, who do you think will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne, and why? Keep in mind as well, I have not and others may not have seen this weeks episode yet or possibly even last weeks episode. You can even let your mind run wild (like Natalie Dormers character comes back to life) or just because you like a certain character.

I personally think and kind of hoping it will be Tyrion. For a couple of reasons, one being the below gif still satisfies me.

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Avengers Endgame…No Spoilers! Just feelings…So many feelings!

Oh my god! So yesterday was my Avengers Endgame movie time, it sort of was, sort of not a birthday present…I am still emotionally drained! I cried about 4-5 times and my heart broke a couple of times.

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It’s a long film, but not once did I feel bored…Not once did I feel there was a lapse or a slow time. Might be part of the reason it’s draining? Your brain/mind just doesn’t stop with the emotions. It also occurred to me though why a lot of things weren’t shown in the trailer, that usually would be shown in a trailer. There’s just nothing I didn’t really love, I still have a lot of questions. Love the beginning, love the middle and although sad, loved the ending.

One bit that I did cry at was the Super-girl-Super-Togetherness-Super-Power…Probably because I haven’t experienced it that much. It’s mainly been “Lauren you’re on your own because everyone else is just a bitch and that’s the way it is. They’re allowed to treat you like that”lol

I think I’m going to be feeling this one for a while. The first MCU movie (Iron Man) was released in 2008…Can you believe it?!

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies…No spoilers!

Well…I finally got around to seeing the above movie title “The Hobbit…The battle of five armies”…What can I say? I am emotionally drained. While I don’t want to give to much away, I mean it must have affected me in some way, I feel really emotionally drained. The only other time that I’ve felt like this was after break ups. I guess though it is more than likely the end of an era. I keep randomly bursting into tears.

I realised a little while ago as well, all of these JRR Tolkien, Peter Jackson movies have been around in some form or another for HALF my life. I guess when something has been in your life for that long, I guess it does feel like a little like I have to “let it go”. I mean how often is anything these days in your life for half your life. I mean how marriages started and ended during 2001 and ?lol.

I have to say that I enjoy it, I did feel though like a lot of others it seems, there were just some scenes that should have been left as it had originally written. I don’t even mind the whole love triangle thing right up until it killed a scene that really should have been between two other major characters that were actually in the book.

It’s just so weird though! I feel SO drained, I think unless you’ve felt like this it is hard to explain. Can you be in love with a fictional character? Can a fictional character truly represent everything you want in a man…or dwarf in this case. Even with all of his faults, there is something about Thorin Oakenshield that I am completely and utterly in love, and that’s what it feels like, I can’t help it. I am a 30 year old women, it feels totally crazy to feel like this. Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield makes me feel like somehow being human and not being apart of the world that is Middle Earth, I am lost here. I don’t fit in here, I fit in there…Yet, it is totally not reality.

On a completely different subject, completely loved Legolas!

*Contains footage from battle of the five armies teaser trailer.

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Published on 19 Nov 2014

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Clips from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug, and The Battle of the Five Armies
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