We are a grumpy lot, lol

I am the first to admit that I tend to get grumpier these days, but it’s all over totally legit reasons, lol

I don’t know (obviously) if your computers have the same thing that my personal and work computer do. On the taskbar below, we have a weather things and when you hoover over it, it shows a lot of different news stories.

Well, the public can react to these new stories, and while I understand that a lot of media is either Murdoch controlled, or a lot is just bad/lazy journalism. Gee, a lot of good stories makes people angry. Maybe that’s part of the problem, people who have all this time on their hands, can’t see a good news story for being happy.

Some stories I’ve seen angry faces too:

A penguin protector retiring – The main complaint, anti-climate people.

Starlink Satellites – People complaining about the Scientist’s and astrologers, rightly, issuing warning’s about these Starlink Satellites. These satellites may help with out internet connections, but they’re run by people like Elon Musk. So they’re not necessarily climate safe, and they hide actual stars.

I think what gets me, is that when I see the actual reasons that these “people” are angry. It isn’t ever because, you know, the satellites are hiding actual stars. They’re angry at the Scientist and the Astrologists for correctly pointing out the issues.

And I am not even kidding, there were a lot of angry faces at Bridal trends since the 40’s.

Some nice things…

My topics this week, have been pretty intense this week and the annoying thing is, I am feeling really well. Apart from the anxiety attack I had last Thursday at work, I’ve actually been surprisingly well.

Let’s bring it down a notch, and talk about some positive things for this week:

  • As I mentioned earlier in the week, despite the transphobia throughout the UK. Despite Brexit, despite the BBC and the Tories. At least 4 people elected were trans people, and the people who were overtly transphobic lost their seats.
  • I can’t tell a lie, I have no problem with the public showing up to the SC’ houses. After the SC’s want to take THE PEOPLE’s privacy away. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
  • I know now how to handle my anxiety at work, if it should happen. Got my bags I take to work, all prepared!
  • Although it is kind of sad, it’s nice to see that Rowling is running out of options. She can’t keep attacking trans people the way she wants.
  • My partner helped me make dinner, lol
  • The new Dr for Doctor Who has been announced =D
  • I purchased all these with my birthday money =D


I say this with a lot of “love”.

TERFs are completely and utterly nuts and insane.

I just got a violation for saying you’re either trans or cis, which is a fact. I’m not even sure how it’s hateful. While Rowling is allowed to sell and advertise actual anti-trans merchandise? It’s getting weird out there folks!


I am not shocked by this article and what is written. I am shocked though, that some one allowed this be published, in the UK!. After all it puts their precious delicate white Queen TERF Rose, in a bad light.

JKRowling anti-trans rhetoric

Oh, and in the world of the Land Down Under. Facebook restricts Australians from sharing or viewing news content while Google strikes deal with News Corp.

#FacebookAustralia, you will probably only get this if you’re Australian.

Share Your World – 20/01/2020

Share Your World

Share Your World  – 01/20/2020


Where do you get your news?

Too be honest, it’s usually when I either sign into my emails or sometimes when I head onto Twitter. My email is yahoo, so I get a whole Australian online news channel before I sign in. However, if I see something I wont comment on it until I’ve actually read through. Especially in this climate, when you have “BREAKING NEWS” you need time to actually digest it, find out what’s what, for example, Jussie Smollet >.<

What ‘old person’ thing do you do?

Oh, everything I do is what “old people” do. My mum pays me out all the time because of my “old personess”. I have to my cups of tea at certain times. Whenever I travel in a car, I put my handbag on my lap, like my Nanna used to do.

When was the coldest you’ve ever been?   The warmest?

The coldest I have ever been, was during Winter and for some reason my partner and I were both sweating through the night. So he wanted the fans on, I was already cold and wearing a tonne of layers, but he still put the fan on. I woke up roughly 5amish and had to run into the shower and have a really hot shower, I just could not stop shivering. My partner sheepishly put his head around and said “Sorry”. It wasn’t just the cold, I also get massive anxiety if I’m woken up, unexpectedly during the night. Ever since I woke up with a massive anxiety attack and couldn’t breathe and I still don’t know what set me off.

The warmest I’ve ever been was probably during a Spring, but I don’t know if that’s because it’s just in your mind? If that makes sense? You go from Winter to Spring, so any sun feels really warm.

Do you eat food that’s past its expiration date if it still smells and looks fine?

Yeah I will. I grew up with the mindset not to waste food. I cannot stand wasting food, and yet my partner is REALLY bad at it. As soon as it hit “midnight” on a best before date, he wont eat/drink it. However, that’s fine, but he also does not throw it out.


Gratitude (not mandatory to participate in)

If you’d like to, please share some gratitude from your life.   

Today I am just grateful to be here, with the lose of such a legend ie Terry Jones. I am watching Monty Python tonight. What a genius to have lost!

Got It!

I think I finally understand why Trump supporters drive me so nuts! It’s all thanks to Dorian. When the whole Trump and Dorian first happened, my co-workers, friends and I were all laughing about it….Until…Not only did Trump double down, instead of correcting himself. But then you find out that they made the NOAA agree WITH Trump!

Then it stopped being funny…again.

Then you had all these Trump supporters saying how pathetic and irrelevant for News outlets to report this? Not the 73 YEAR OLD ADULT constantly doubling down on his mistake, not the NOAA repeating the Presidents incorrect and dangerous information.

No the reporters, reporting on it. They’re the ones being pathetic and not being able to let that Trump got elected go.

Then it hit me. Do they EVER just go “Trump made a mistake and he should let it go” Like, you know, an ADULT! We expect better from 5 year olds! Let alone a 73 year old “leader”. Is that what you teach your children? If you make a mistake double down on it? Make other people agree with your misinformation?

The SAME people who wanted Obama’s head for wearing a tan suit. Are okay with with an even OLDER person making a life threatening mistake and then double down it.

Brian Selter recently made a tweet about how disappointed he was in the POTUS for calling the US media a “joke of the world” Too some extent though…and I really hate to say it…He’s kind of right. How often does Trump get called out for his lies? You had one Trump adviser admit he’d always lie to the media, so every single station had him on…Why? I mean if someone said to me I will always lie to you, I’m not going to start talking to them…I thought that would be just common sense.

Things I don’t understand…

*…Which I have to say is increasing, these things I don’t understand*

People who go into the Entertainment News section and complain about it not being “news”…When in literally every news-site and newspaper, there is global news…If you don’t like reading celebrity news, why are you reading celebrity news? Who put the gun to your head, that made you read that? I think you need to question those people, rather than the people who are writing about Celebrities and Entertainers in the Celebrity and Entertainment news section. Do they have trouble with understanding the differences between the news in each section?

It’s kind of like going to a clothing website and complaining how there’s no food on the website? Well, yeah, that’s the clothing section, not the food section.


People who complain about how unbiased a particular programme or channel is and YET keep watching expecting things to change, when they don’t have actually have to watch it. Yet, at the same time they don’t want to listen and change their minds, but they’re not being biased themselves? The weirdness of it all!

I don’t “care”

There is something that really intrigues me and I would really love to hear your opinions on it or if you are one these people who do this, to please explain what this need this.

What is with this seemingly big NEED that some people have to write on news articles or ‘entertainment’ type articles about how they “don’t care” they have “real news to read” and is this article really “newsworthy”. What are they doing there then? Personally, when I see an article I’m not interested in I skip pass it. I actually asked someone this question because I find it really intriguing, that whole thought process. Of creating traffic for something you don’t care about, rather than creating traffic and focusing on the things you do. Then boasting about how you don’t care, like it’s some great feat and accomplishment that you just HAD to write that?

I am like 99% sure no one is making these people read these articles. So why are they even reading these articles for? Do they not have enough to care about? Do they have a lot of free time that they have the time to focus on things they don’t care about?

I have always said that the Kardashians are being kept in our public eye, not because of their fans, but because of their haters. They are making their numbers and money from their haters. For example, the amount of articles I have seen people comment and re-share articles about them is literally in the thousands…but…they “hate” them? Yet my brother and his friends seem to really like them, yet I rarely hear them talk about them. I only found that they like them last year, when my brother was over for a visit and there was a Kardashian marathon on the tv…We had to watch it all day -.-

For those who may not know what I mean by “traffic”. It means when you click on a article online, or you comment online, you are creating “traffic” that the website keeps tracks of to see, what people are interested in and what the public is talking about. They don’t care what you deem “newsworthy” or what “real news” is, or if you like the article or not. What they focus on is the numbers that each article receives. So by you “not caring” and clicking on a article you don’t “care” about, it creates interests and so that site will continue to talk about it.

Even take WordPress, how many of us have edited our Blogs and write about topics that interest people more than what we actually want to write about, based on the views, discussions and likes we have gotten for our posts.

Please discuss!

Good News

There is SO much bad news out there and even when something sweet is said, it is suddenly turned into something really nasty and people just seem to focus on the bad. Taking away anything meaningful from the situation. I have felt hopelessly, trying to be positive, to the point I left Facebook for a good week and it was only because those who cared were positive I was being cyber-bullied, that I came back.

However, just over the weekend and just a couple of weeks ago, I had a little hope. I was just reading a news article, as one does, and I had noticed that the “topic” that all of these articles were under was called “Good News” Good News – 9News

I feel like though this was made into a section because of famed Noni Hazelhurst, recent Hall of Fame Logie winners speech.

 “I don’t want people to think I want everyone to be lovely and sweet, I don’t want that, that’s just stupid. What I want is to try and redress the imbalance, to actually have something that acts as an anecdote to this unremitting negativity because I really think people are suffering and it’s dividing us,”

I am thinking that I might, even myself, start a section that is ONLY ever about good news…

What do you all think?

Cool news is always welcomed here!

So I had two pieces of really most excellent news…Oh yeah, I went there…I said “excellent”…Well one is “news” that I received and the other is something I cannot believe that I’ve forgotten to mention!

The first piece of good news is, there is a society in Australia called “Guide Dogs Australia” which to be honest I thought they only helped raised dogs for the blind. I sponsor one of their dogs from the Guide Dogs and you get updates, quarterly during the year. I received my most recent update and my dog is going to be a Autism Assistance dog (which I am extremely proud of). I have a lot of people in my life whose children suffer from Autism, so this was something that I was excited to share with them.

The other piece of news (that I cannot believe I forgot to share) is that my cousin is on Australia’s “Great Australian Bake Off”. I am so proud of him! It’s quiet funny really, the ladies in my family we’re not huge cookers, but all the guys are so creative and good at cooking. It is really funny watching a family member on television and not being able to breathe when something goes wrong for them. They’ve only had two shows so far, but he is still on there! =D