Up, Down and all around

So all your usual there were ups and down … But I just wanted to say this that this has to be one of my favourite years of all time! It’s been an amazing year! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had this year where I actually cried with happy tears … HAPPY TEARS =D I actually put on weight from being happy and for the first time in a long time, I felt like a Lady … I have gain so much of my confidence back and instead of thinking “Screw this year” I’m kind of sad it’s over, but excited for the new year … I already have so many ideas in place =D

This Blog and you, my readers, are a huge part of all of that. I’ve been able to write things here and start creative steps and been inspired here to be a much better Blogger. One of my goals for next year is to make my Blogging something more meaningful. Even with the Vlog, which I actually had a lot of fun with I want to make those better (I’ve downloaded some programs, let’s see if I can make those work). So many ideas and 365 days to do something all on those days!



Things to leave behind in 2013

The Single Woman 2013, Single is the new fabulous!

So I’ve heard something really interesting! This year instead of making New Year resolutions I am making a list of “Things I am leaving behind in 2013”

I came up with 14 ideas to go with 2014

  1. Stop feeling guilty that I don’t want to date! Being single doesn’t mean I have to be in a relationship.
  2. Quit spending money on people who don’t actually really do anything for me!
  3. Instead of reacting think more carefully about posting Facebook statuses.
  4. Aim for 90% positive statuses! Limit to one “emo” post a month
  5. Games Workshop, lol
  6. Not dressing up because I’m worried people will think I’m too “sexy”.
  7. Not seeing a movie I want too because I wasn’t invited in a ‘group’ situation…Go by myself and make it a “Date Day” just like I did before Facebook came along! Lol
  8. Spend less time on Facebook…I don’t know why I do so often, I always feel better when I’m off of it…Once a week I will spend up to 24 hours off of Facebook.
  9. Hanging out with people who have ‘group mentalities’ and hang out more with those to seem to have individual thoughts!
  10. People who can’t publicly acknowledge my existence or keep asking other people for opinions of me and not mine own and then call me “Friend”.
  11. Fake people!
  12. Joblessness!
  13. Feeling ashamed of what I enjoy liking Facebook, I love Cosplay it’s brought a lot of positive things into my life.
  14. Settling for less!