Bad Librarian!

I am feeling so bad! I call myself “Lolsys Library” but then I have read hardly any books this year! I was looking back at some of my older posts and I’ve been trying to read two books at the same time and it’s just not been happening for me this year.

Have you ever had moments like that? Where you’ve realised that you’re not reading and you really feel like you should. I have been trying to make other things happen this year, that I have completely neglected my reading. I have just been unable to make myself read. Which I don’t think that you should, make yourself read I mean. Otherwise I find that you just end up hating it.

I have reading block! Any suggestions how you’ve gotten yourself out of a funk? I am definitely one of those people who overthinks and then tell myself to stop thinking, but then worry I’m not thinking enough.



A year ago today…

I am not sure how many of my readers have a Facebook, but on Facebook ever so randomly they have this “app” called “TimeHop” and what it does is it allows brings up a post from say a year ago from today or 5 years ago and you can post it onto your Facebook. I don’t actually have this app on my Facebook, but it still randomly shares posts and today it decided to share a post today. Reminding me that a year ago I broke up with my ex.

One of my roughest break ups ever for myself personally. My ex had been chasing me for months and then when I finally decided to break down and say “Yes” it moved very quickly and then it was over a month later. It wasn’t just over but my ex treated me very cruelly afterwards as well and honestly I still believe, till this day that he never cared. I hated the song by “A Great Big World, feat Christina Aguilera” … “Say Something” because that’s pretty much what happened. He wanted to break up and then refused to talk to me and decided, of all the friends he had, to go and tell the first person we had broken up, the person who hated me the most? The guy was horrible to me….Obviously. Made no sense.

A year ago

I never thought that I could trust someone, let alone love someone ever again.

Yet, here I am a year later and I am in love with someone who is like the most incredible person I have ever met and takes such good care of me. I can’t even explain how happy he makes me. He’s honestly also the first boyfriend I’ve had that actually makes me feel he really wants me around. That is SUCH ¬†an unusual feeling for me and sometimes it still makes me a little sad that it’s taken me this long to find someone who treats me like that =/

It amazes me where my life has taken me since this day. I never thought that a year later I would be here. Stronger, happier, feeling more fulfilled. When I think about how I felt and how long it took for me to trust my current partner, it still astounds me that I am here.