Just, enough

Before Pride starts, I just want to ask you one thing. Too stop buying ANYTHING Harry Potter. Rowling is blaming trans people for literal Nazi’s being on HER “side”, in Melbourne. You cannot make this shit up. Who could have possibly foreseen when JKRowling like the tweet of anti-trans and anti-Semitic Magdalena Burns, that Nazis would have been on her side.

This comes only a couple of weeks AFTER a male account calling himself Suffragents, was followed by Rowling and he bragged about it. Within a day she quietly unfollowed him, because it was found out he bragged about beating up his girlfriend.

Rowling was “defending” her friend KJK, who came to Australia (for some reason), paid for by CPAC. KJK’s “Let Women Speak” has BEEN constantly attended by Proud Boys, EDL and in Melbourne, Nazi’s. There are photos. While in Melbourne, it has been proven, that the Neo Nazi’s were invited, with KJK speaking with wife basher Avi Yemini.

Like, really? As someone much smarter than I said, “JKRowling is a fictional children’s author, she is not a thought leader”.

I wouldn’t even care, but its like Trump. She is causing REAL damage. This is who agrees with JKRowling so far:

Nazi’s/Proud Boys/EDL




Matt Walsh




Religious extremists

Elon Musk


Simply so

I don’t want to write a lot about what happened in Melbourne over the weekend, but good things are coming out of it.

Essentially what nobody really wanted to happen, happened. That is KJK “Posie Parker” was let into Australia, despite the protests. However, that still went well. The Tran Rights protestors always outnumbered her lot…Then there was Melbourne. Nothing went horribly wrong. However, for some reason the Victorian/Melbournian Police decided to harm the trans rights activists, with their bodies and their horses. All to protect the Neo Nazis who walked, untouched, outside Parliament House.

The only good news was that the Victorian Government are now looking at making that particular salute illegal. Politicians who attended and said nothing about the Neo Nazism, were sacked, or in some cases pretended like the NN were on the TRAs side. Which is what should happen really. Especially since there were videos.

What also happened though, was Rowling liked a post that was full of just lies, really.

What this post is really about though. The simplicity of everything that happened afterwards. Which is what should be happening.

KJK should never have been let into the country into the first place.

But then things like this happened

And this

Victoria to ban Nazi salute after ‘disgusting’ scenes at anti-trans protest – The Guardian ;

Adeshola Ore Mon 20 Mar 2023 10.54 AEDT

For me, this is what should be happening EVERYWHERE. Australia was one of the Allies in WW2 and to see Australians, and the rest of the ally countries sit back and not do anything about this problem. It’s quiet confusing, honestly. For me. Victoria was also one of the first states in Australia to just ban the Nazi Symbols.

How can we face the soldiers on days like ANZAC Day, while people are just freely doing the Nazi Salute?

I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but every allied country should just ban Nazism. Why is it even allowed? What is the point of it? All it does it stir up negativity. I always feel like if there’s nothing positive to bring to a discussion or something is plain negative, ban it. I know people aren’t fan of the banning’s, but sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them. Banning Nazism is not the same as what DeSatan is doing.

Whoops, I meant DeSantis.


The swastika: a symbol of love stolen by the Nazis

This is such an important topic to write about it. I can only hope that I do it justice!

Unfortunately, a lot of right wingers seem to be embracing the Fascism, that was the Nazi Party. The reason? Because the Nazi symbol, which is starting to become more and more banned in places, was first used, especially in ancient Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. They used it for good and loving reasons. And this is what the right wingers are hoping onto.

The problem?

That’s not what the Nazis used it for. They used it for pure hatred and destruction.

Its like when Nazis started off with calling themselves “socialists”. They were not.

And if you think the swastika didn’t reach the Americas until the Nazis made it popular, think again. The Navajo most notably used the symbol in North America, but so did the Guna people in Panama. The Navajo eventually banned its use in 1940, after the Nazis hijacked it.

I am honestly all for reclaiming it for it’s original use. It sounds a lot nicer than the Nazi one. However, not now, and not while Right Wingers continue to use it, too spread hatred. You can’t ignore the hatred that is now associated with this symbol. I do believe, one day, you could absolutely use it again for it’s original use. Just not now. There is absolutely no way, since Right Wingers use it still to attack whoever annoys them. Laurence Fox recently had to delete a tweet, because he made a swastika with the newer and more inclusive LGBT flag.

That’s what it’s all about for myself. If we didn’t have a lot of the people we had now, you could totally trust people to “do right” with COVID. If we didn’t have a lot of the people we had now, the Swastika could be reclaimed. Problem is, we do have a lot of the people we do right now. Heck, we could more than likely even have total free speech, if we didn’t have a lot of people who abuse it.

People like the Nazi’s are why we can’t have nice things.

Thursday FACTS…Real Life Consequences.

This is going to be LONG, but for all the trans people and LGBTQIA people out there, it is imperative that you read this. Not just like and carry on. You can totally like it, but please really READ this.

I was going to do a post about transgender modern History, but that’s been pushed for next week.

THIS is why I’m angry, THIS is why transphobia needs to be called out. Fuck anyone who calls me calling out bigotry’s as “insults” and allows bigotry to flourish ON THEIR PAGE, and then blocks me for RIGHTLY pointing out, that they wont call out transphobia and allow bigotry’s to flourish. I also implore anyone to report any transphobia they see on WordPress.

Seriously FUCK anyone who *thinks* that being trans youth is being all fine and dandy, and its fad.

How about REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES of YOUR bigotry . You think that kid learnt to kick another kid in their genital’s from a kid? Seriously FUCK being “nice and polite” to these “people”. If you are not brave enough to call it out, report it. Do SOMETHING! Emma’s mum has had to gone on protected tweets, can’t blame her. Instead of the TERFs saying that’s horrible your trans child was kicked in their genitals, they blamed Emma’s Mum.

Just you know the representatives of the UK, pretending like the UK doesn’t have a transphobia and homophobia problem. And trying to get their homophobia and transphobia problemS wiped from the records (unsuccessfully).

Yeah the transphobes of the world aren’t playing right into the hand of the right hand Conservatives Christians, oh and actual Neo Nazi’s too…Note how the tweets below, mentions the UK aka TERF Island.

So the day AFTER the condeming from PACE of the UK. The Tory appointed head of the EHRC, decided to start eliminating trans rights with the Scotland’s GRA Reform. I don’t think the #Ukraine has to invade the #UK, #Johnson and the Tory Government are destroying themselves and the United Kingdom all on their little lonesome #EHRC. The current EHRC is actually ADVOCATING for Conversion Therapy.

The EHRC is controlled by what ever Government happens to be in control at the time, Liz Truss, failure at so many positions, but keeps getting leadership roles, passed her to role as head of EHRC to another transphobe Tory “leader”. The UK is getting further and further left behind, in every way possibly.