Nasty Australia!

I had to write this…Damn it! I am very ashamed to be an Australian right now…It’s EMBARRASSING and SO Trump-like…It’s horrible!

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You know what the situation on Studio 10, Joe Hildebrands comments, did do? It showed how white people are so nasty they can’t even change the date, KNOWING what the 26th represents to it’s Indigenous people, for a public holiday that’s only been national since 1994. That they think people talking about something that has NOTHING to do with #changethedate somehow proves why they date shouldn’t be moved? I have never seen so much white privilege in my damn life before! The thing that is really bad, every single person whose doing the whataboutism…Are all white people…Like SHUT UP! You are embarrassing the rest of us!

I have never ever been more ashamed to be an Australian right now.

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What is SO irritating is that the same people saying they didn’t like being group together with the Gillette Ad, are the EXACT same people saying NOW it’s okay to make general sweeping statements.


What really grinds my gears

What grinds my gear

I’m not sure how many of you watched the American Music Awards this week Sunday/Monday (depending where you live). However whether you watched it or not I am sure that must you know who Jennifer Lopez is, well she hosted the awards this year…I thought she did a fabulous job (I’m a bit of a fan).

The comments, once again that other “women” have been making, about her being “past it” has seriously irritated me. Why? Because WHY are woman so nasty to other women?! None of the derogatory¬†comments were made by men, they were ALL woman! They take pride it it too! I had one old woman (I will call her that because she does not deserve my respect) tell me that I just don’t get it because I’m “young”…I HOPE that I am as fabulous as Jennifer Lopez is at her age! Jennifer Lopez is probably one of the least past it people I have ever seen!

Why? What is with woman constantly putting each other down and why are they taking such pride in it as they keep talking like it’s a good thing? Their¬†insecurities are just SCREAMING! Do they not realise this?

Here is in Australia we have just “celebrated” White Ribbon Day, which is to stop violence against women (although any kind of domestic violence is bad) How can we even hope that this will happen when, as women, we can’t even stand together? Do they not realise how detrimental they are?