My favourite physical trait

23. My favourite physical trait

I’ve been trying to think of a physical trait that I am grateful for, but it seems a funny thing to be grateful for a physical trait, rather than maybe like a mental one, or a personality one. I guess the one that stands out the most, for myself, it’s probably my hair. I get a lot of positive vibes from it, whether or not I am wearing it up or down. I feel grateful for it, because it’s so long, thick and luxurious. People are always talking about how they want my hair. The other reason I’m grateful for it, is because it’s healthy and thick. Means that I am very lucky and that I am not sick. Sure it falls out, but I have a lot of hair. I’m not losing it in big quantities, so I think it’s a good reminder to myself that I am healthy and well.

It’s also one of the good things that I got from my Dad. I have gotten a lot of more “unwanted” things from my Dad. He’s anxiety and probably his worrying and paranoia. I’m not a paranoid person, bordering on psychotic, but I do worry…a lot. Once I start worrying about something, I find it hard to stop worrying about it.


Cheeky Cosmetics

So I was reading a little book that I borrowed from my work after work and it’s alright…I would have liked it to be have been naughtier…but there was an interesting section on make-up and a quick history.

Did you know?:

The Ancient Egyptians added colour to their lips, cheeks and nails by grinding red ochre clay and mixing it with water.

Ancient Egyptian men also wore make-up and make-up jars were an essential item of burial equipment for both sexes.

Wearing thick eye-liner on one eye and none on the other was a declaration of bisexuality.

Cleopatra’s lipstick was custom made from crushed carmine beetles and ant eggs which would form the base!

Shimmering lipsticks were originally created using an extract of fish scale known as pearlescence.

“The Naughty Book for Girls” by Candice Hill, published 2010