This or That? #53 and Genre’s

Usually today on an Wednesday evening I would post my long repost from Bookmark Chronicles about their “This or That” question…The question this week is:

This or That? #53

Do you read New Adult (NA)?

The quick answer is no I don’t and I don’t think that I ever have. My favourite genre is Crime fiction. I love my Agatha Christie’s and Jodi Picoult (She’s kind of crime fiction).

Since this post was so short and slightly about what Genre’s people like to read. I thought that I would post a couple of quizzes about which Genre’s are right for your personalities.

What Book Genre fits you best?

What’s your Reading personality? Book

I know! It’s a very lazy post! I honestly believe though in order for people to at least start reading they have to figure out for themselves what they’re favourite Genre is. I think a lot of people that I know personally would be surprised that I enjoy crime fiction, rather than comedy. You can’t just read something because it’s the popular novel at the time. Even when you’ve enjoyed a series, and you, for whatever reasons just can’t read at the time. Don’t make yourself do it.