Musical Adaptations

I love a good musical! I love it even more when I see a good adaption of that musical. Like with books and movies, there’s nothing like a good adaptions of one!

Number one for me is “Phantom of the Opera

It’s been a book, a musical and a movie … and I have loved them all! It actually has been the only silent film, I have ever watched and I can totally understand why ladies were fainting in the cinema’s. I swear I had my first nightmare after watching it. But what a amazing treat to be able to watch it!

Phantom of the Opera: Musical vs Movie – Musicals Online, Jan29 2015

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

My next favourite is Les Misérables!

Another one that has been a book, a musical and now a movie!

I have to read the book, written by Victor Hugo in 1862. I have seen so many musical takes of the musical, and was so excited to see the movie…Only to be disappointed.

For myself, nothing beats the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the successful musical…NOTHING…Colm Wilinkinson was in the movie recently brought out



The Magic of music

Over the weekend I watched one of my favourite musicals “The Phantom of the Opera” and there is one song…No matter, if I’ve been drinking or not, it makes me cry every time…Because it reminds me of a very special person. A person who loved musicals and the theatre. It actually reminds me of two people that I’ve lost that I was very close too, but mostly one of them.

Do you have a song that you have a hard time listening too, or a song that gives you joy because it reminds you of happy times?

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One Day More!

So today is my last day in a section of my workplace that I don’t usually work in. I offered to cover their usual receptionist while she was on holidays. It’s not my most favourite of areas, but it was more hours, which means more money during a usually quiet time where I usually work. I swear this song will be running through my head all day. Les Miserables is one of my all time favourite musicals.

Do you have a favourite musical?

One Day More! – Les Miserables  – 10th Anniversary Concert


I am so happy that this Fridays edition lands on one of my favourite holidays! =D I’m not an American or Mexican, I am Australian so it’s not a “traditional” holiday here, but it grows every single year and I have never been happier about it. In fact this Friday night I am getting together with a few friends, dressing up and going out for the night. Guess who I am going as?…One Clue!

2014-10-17 15.53.44

2014-10-31 12.51.22


I haven’t got the full costume on here, but I will take an update on the full costume. I just don’t really have the time to do the full outfit today…but I promise a full picture! The dress is from Black Milk Clothing. I am now really in love with this store, I already bought a TARDIS and they have a new “wrapped” collection coming out for Christmas!

I’m just putting this video here to get myself in the mood…I hope it works for you too! =D

Uploaded on 26 Jan 2012

Twenty-fifth in a series of clips from the 2004 film version of The Phantom of the Opera. Performed by the Company, with Gerard Butler as The Phantom.